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  • Babe... will she ever redeem herself with me?

    I never really had a problem with Alexa Havins character Babe until the episodes that have recently been shown in the last two or three months. I totally understand her still feeling distanced from her husband JR after he attempted to kill her. I can understand what she may have been feeling. But I honestly cannot agree with how she handle Josh. After he told her that he was in love with her on that island, she should have distanced herself from him, not to say she couldn't be his friend, but for her to go and hire him after she knew he was trying to steal her from her husband was idiotic. I think I would have liked the idea of her and josh together if she had left JR and gone with him, instead of trying to have her cake and eat it too. Babe has a lot to do before she's redeemed herself with me.

    I will however say that I did absolutely love Babe when she first start and Fusion, all the way to how she handled herself with all the girls hating on her.