Alexa Nikolas

Alexa Nikolas


4/4/1992, Chicago, lllinois, USA

Birth Name

Alexa Helen Nikolas



Also Known As

The Girl of Many Smiles
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Alexa got her start as Emily Barber on Hidden Hills. Now she is on Zoey 101; she plays Nicole, a very bubbly and energetic girl who is roommates with Jamie Lynn Spears's character, Zoey.


Trivia and Quotes

  • An absolute transformation.

    Wow, Alexa Nikolas. I was shocked when I made the connection. I recently watched her play the young Angela Petrelli on Heroes. She was beautiful, charming, and realistic. She really just draws you in. Yes, her days on Zoey 101 were absolutely horrendous, and I blame the writing, not the girl. But yes, she has really developed, and I'm glad that she's still acting, and finally getting more serious roles. Perhaps her loss of Zoey was just a blessing in disguise. I am proud of Alexa, and will definitely be looking out for any of her future works. (100 words exactly. ^^;)moreless
  • Rubbish actress

    This girl is such a bad actress, she over exsagerates all the time, her stupid mouth with her stupid noises that comes out of her christ.

    Stupid expressions on her face, i mean come on did she actually go to acting school or what ever???

    Ive seen her in The suite life of zack and cody too, she was one of Londons friends, she wasnt that bad compared to her days in ZOEY 101, please no one give her, her own shown, it would be so distasterous.

    Maybe in time she will become a good actress who know, but i havent seen anything good about this girl.moreless