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  • Amazing actress and great singer!

    Now I love Alexa Vega a lot. She is a great actress and an awesome singer as well. She has a great voice! She's beautiful! She's talented! She is a great celebrity.

    I saw her in the Spy Kids movies, and she was amazing! I loved her character and her role as the big sister.

    I also saw her in "Odd Girl Out" as Vanessa Snider, and she did a great job playing the role of a sweet girl who was depressed.

    I've also heard a couple of her songs, and my favourite one is "Game Over." She has an adorable voice. I love Alexa Vega's work!
  • She's an okay actress and a pretty face, but thats about it!

    Alexa Vega is probably best know for her roles in the Spy Kids movies. I've seen what she can do in them, she's pretty good in that kind of character. Although her character in Sleepover was a bit over the top, with all the things she went through. The way she handle the movie role was pretty good. She did sing a few songs, her singing voice sounds some what childish. I'm just glad that she doesn't have a record deal! She is a very pretty child actress, but probably wont go too far out of the teen queen shell!
  • Alexa Vega is....a good actress...but needs to work on some things.....

    Alexa Vega is....a good actress...but needs to work on some things..... such as her acting! I know, it makes no sense, but all I can say is that she is a decent actress! I mean, come on people! I mean, I saw her in the Spy Kids movie, and for that age she is good. But in my drama class there are 10 year olds that are probably better than Alexa was at that age. Just saying. And, not a critisism point, but she is so short! I was 5'1 when I was ten years old! Or maybe I'm just tall. Whatever.