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    • (on his love for Pimms)
      Alexander: When I was very young my brother, sister and I would jokingly ask our parents for some at Christmas and they would play up to it by decanting brown-coloured lemonade into an empty Pimm's bottle. We would knock this back with all the fruit and so on and think ourselves frightfully grown-up.

    • (on his character in "Life Begins").
      Alexander: I don't think there's anything of me in Phil. He looks like me and sounds like me and he'll say things in the way that I'll say things. But no, he's very much not like me.

    • (on not being made permanent host of "Have I Got News for You").
      Alexander: I don't blame anyone. In fact, I suppose I should be grateful - I was never put in the position where I might have become the person who 'brought the programme down'.