Alexander Conti





9/1/1993 , Ontario, Canada

Birth Name




Alexander was born in on September 1, 1993. He is the youngest of 4 children. His older brothers, Adam and Jordan Conti are also actors. His sister Brittany also aspires to be an actor. Alexander loves to perform and has been involved in different aspects of acting, such as, commercials, radio, animation voice overs, and television series. His first real acting experience came by way of a Showtime Series, "Street Time". He was a regular on the series and worked alongside, Scott Cohen, Kate Greenhouse, Erika Alexander, Rob Morrow, Terrence Howard, Michelle Nolden and many others. It is his greatest desire to continue acting. He has also worked with Director Andy Wolk alongside Peter Falk. His other interests include sports, such as soccer, football, boxing, tennis, golf, baseball and hockey, and basketball. He also loves to sing to kareoke with his family and friends. He enjoys school and loves a challenge as he can be very competitive.