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  • Very cool voice if you ask me.

    I have seen the movie Finding Nemo and I think he does a great Nemo. I hope that if there will ever be a sequel, he will do the voice of Nemo again. In spring 2006 I am going to see his next movie, "Bambi and the Great Prince of the Forest". He is as cool as Haley Joel Osment, both of who have been acting/voice acting since a very young age. Maybe decades from now, he will be the next voice for Mickey Mouse.
  • he is a wonderfull actor by his age. Must be given more and more opportunities for he has a special shine an talent for movies . He should star a big production.

    The special shine that lies over the well gifted people only ! Acting he can convince us that what he is doing is what hes supposed to do . He is very kind and appears so well to the eyes of the audience that he shall be a first category movie star.
  • this kid is awsome.

    when he first started Weeds he made me laugh when he did all of that crazy stuff. the top 3 reason he i like watching Weeds.1 the whole rap song he wrote in was hilairous.2 the terrorist video cracked me up one could say what he said in his speech on his graduation.this kid is funny i mean in a show like Weeds has the hottest looking Mom in that show and the kid is freaking crazy i can't believe he was the voice on finding Nemo. thank god he's on a good show on showtime and not on a lame and cheezy disney channel show.