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  • erics reveiw from 14year old

    he plays his character very well season 3 is my favorite so far but his relation with Pam is so respectable while showing authority and off screen Alex has a great bond with her. he is a sex god in my opinion prefer his new haircut i have a bias view as bill just doesn't do it for me and never has but im a bit young to have an opinion
  • 50 shades of Grey

    He is a good actor and yes, I would love to see him play Christian Grey. It's like a character tailor made for him.
  • Great actor......and damn hot!


    He is my fave vamp! He makes the show. I love him and Pam. I cant really see what Sookie saw in Bill before. So Im glad that she has hooked up with Eric now. I'm loving this series so much. It was really cool to see Godrick again too even though it was just a dream. I miss him. I hope it takes ages for Eric to get his memory back cos I love this tender side of him.

  • My favourite vamp

    He is sexy, unattainable and deathly. Can you get a better combination I DON'T think so. He has not only become my favourite vapire but he has become one of my favourite actors. I can't think of anyone else that could do a better job as Eric, he is perfect for the character. Unfortunately Eric is the only character I know him by and I can't imagine him as anything but a sexy vampire. I like Eric so much because it's nice to have a vampire who is not broody all the time. Erics the only vampire that you need. Edward and Bill who?
  • Expressive and charismatic

    Alexander Skarsgård has that expressive quality that allows him to really steal the scene, no matter how small. In True blood, he dominates the atmosphere with his cold and menacing demenaour while subltly letting tiny flickers of humanity cross his face. It is a complex character he has to portray - from the cruelty of Lafayettes torture to the heartbreak of Godrics death - but Alexander not only manages it, he has embodied one of those truly memorable characters that makes a mark on TV history. One can easily see the potential of a Rhett Butler kind of love interest for Sookie in seasons to come. And outside of True Blood - a rising star, I am sure.
  • My Favorite Vamp!

    HOT! HOT! HOT! And the man can act too! I loved him on Generation Kill and he is fantastic on True Blood! He is a great reason to watch. I reaaly like Bill on True Blood but if Sookie chose Eric instead I would not be disappointed. I am interested in the chemisttry between his character and Sookie's. I see a great future for him.I am looking forward to many more episodes with Eric on True Blood and will watch anything else Alexander will star in. HBO has always been excellant at getting the right actor for the right part and they haven't disappointed us here.
  • Best actor ever

    After seeing Alexander Skarsgard in True Blood I was so impressed that I looked into some of his other work. The Swedish films I could only catch portions of on youtube because they are not available in a format compatible with American equipment. I bought Generation Kill and was so impressed I have watched portions of it everyday. My conclusion is that he is possibly the best actor of this time. His eyes are the most expressive eyes of any actor I've ever seen. His voice is mesmerizing. He seems so genuine in all of his roles. Each time I watch him perform I get so caught up in the character because he really makes me believe. He is such a fine actor I can only hope that American filmmakers have the good sense to give him many roles in the future. I can't understand why he was not cast in the Thor role but I don't intend to watch the movie since he will not be in it. Nobody else could come even close to comparing to his acting talent.
  • Personal Favourite. ♥

    I thought I would write a review for this man, I think he deserves it. Wow, Alexader Skarsgård has to be the hottest man alive, due to everything about him. I'm not just writing him a review because I think he is hot because he is much more than hot he is beautiful plus he is extremely talented. He is one of my favourite actors even though I have only seen him in True Blood and a couple of others. However, he does a awesome job playing my favourite character ever 'Eric Northman' (Mostly due to the book, but on the show he is just WOW - he plays the character extremely well - and I don't think anybody else could play the part like Alexander Skarsgård). I constanly stare at pictures of him, re-watch interviews on the internet and just be his stalker really. He seems like a really nice man, plus he is oh so mouth watering. I can't wait to see him do more things, and see him in True Blood, because if the show doesn't get cancelled he is going to be awesome like in the books! Alexander Skarsgård has to get given a ten out of ten, for looks and talent. Yum.
  • "Eric Northman". "Leroy Jethro Gibbs".

    You know, its almost a toss up as to which is now my favourite TV character and I never thought I would say anything came close to "Gibbs". But in the last couple of episodes especially, "Eric" has, in relatively small scenes, stolen the whole show for me! Alexander Skarsgard has created this totally menacing (those steely eyes!), uber vamp, and yet I am willing to bet there are some deep hidden redeeming qualities in there. I have not read the books for True Blood and I don't want to. But whatever THEY contained for this character, I have my own hopes for "Eric" and that includes a totally bad-ass vamp for all the vampire purists out there, with just tiny little touches of humanity. Much as I imagined "Josef" from Moonlight would have been...

    As for the man behind the vamp, Alexander Skarsgard has a new fan in me, and I will be watching for more great roles from him. Soon, I hope.
  • One of my favorite actors

    Alexander is one of my favorite actors. Is extremly talented and also he's SO HOT. I love him in 'True Blood', which is one of my favorite shows. He does a great job as Eric, who is definitly my favorite character thanks to Alex.
    Coming from Sweden, I've known about Alex for a long time. I've seen a few films with him and I think he is brilliant. I'm not a big fan of swedish movies, but Alex does a great job and makes them enjoyable. Now when he's done 'Generation Kill' and is currently on 'True Blood' the rest of the world get to see his acting skills. I hope he keeps up the good work, 'cause he's a true talent.
  • One of my favorite stars of all time.

    Alexander Skarsgård is absolutely one of my favorite actors. Not just because he is swedish, like I am, but he is one of the most talented actors I have ever seen. I have watched him grow first in films here in Sweden and now on tv in the states. I loved him in Generation Kill and I think this guy will go very far "over there". Though being from Sweden he has an excellent american accent and that helps in landing great parts on tv and in the movies.
    I can't wait to see him in more productions and I will definetly watch "True Blood"!