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  • Trivia

    • Barrese was only in junior high school and was vacationing at home from boarding school when she shot the film American Pie.

    • Alexandra is single and has been living in Los Angeles, California. (June 2009)

    • Film, Video, and TV Movie Credits:
      The Hangover (2009) as Tracy Garner
      The More Things Change... (2008) (TV) as Madeline Stone
      Full-Dress (2007) as Nun 1
      Paranormal Girl (2002) (TV) as Kelly Billingham
      Legally Blonde (2001) as Another Girl
      Close to Home (2001) (TV)
      Hellraiser: Inferno (2000) (V) as Daphne Sharp
      Dropping Out (2000) as Heather
      American Pie (1999) as Courtney, the Random Cute Girl
      Homer and Eddie (1989) as 4-Year-Old Girl

    • Alexandra is 5' 8½" tall.

    • She is of Irish, Dutch, American Indian, and Russian descent.

    • Alexandra's mother is model and actress Katherine Barrese, who gave birth to her when she was about to turn 16 years old.

    • She is an avid supporter of The Brent Shapiro Foundation and The Downtown LA Women's Shelter.

    • Her greatest fear is falling off from great heights. Her greatest vice is playing chess.

    • Favorites:
      Topics - Science, History, Politics
      Movies - True Romance, The Contender, The Waterfront, Pleasantville, Gone with the Wind, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
      Books - The Secret Garden, East of Eden, The Invisible Man, Not Fade Away, The Bone People, Kafka on the Shore
      Travel Destination - New York (because she loves seeing plays)
      Restaurant - Little underground diner at Beverly Hills Hotel
      Shopping Locations - Milk on West Third Strees in LA, Saint Tropez, Monte Carlo
      Music - Queens of the Stone Age, The Beatles, Nine Inch Nails, Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones, indy rock
      Drink - Coffee
      Museum Gallery - The New Image Art Gallery on Santa Monica Boulevard

    • She enjoys chess, poker and reading in her spare time. Her other interests include yoga, cooking and making any kind of art.

    • Alexandra names Keri Hume, Phillip K. Dick, Jean Michael Basquait, Camille Rose Garcia, Nan Goldin and Murakami among the people she would like to meet.

    • Barrese is a member of ASmallWorld and uses the site to stay in touch with friends and find recommendations for hotels, restaurants, and art shows when she is out of town. She is friends with its founder Erik Wachtmeister since childhood.

  • Quotes

    • Alexandra: In the movie Contact, Jodie Foster's character goes to a beach in her mind. The sand is made up of all the stars in the universe. I want to go to that beach.

    • Alexandra: (in a 2008 interview) Paris is a fantastic place for a child. I go back all the time. When I have a job lined up in the fall, I go to the south of France in the summer.

    • Alexandra: (on watching television) My mom tells me that my dad once threw one out a window. I take after him in that respect.

    • Alexandra: (on playing a minor role in "American Pie") Doing that part opened a lot of doors for me, work-wise. I still get stopped by people all the time for it.

    • Alexandra: A good play feels like swimming down to the deepest part of the ocean.

    • Alexandra: (on what upsets her the most) Many issues; I hate the fact that many public schools don't have enough textbooks or teachers for the children. Money is being spent in the wrong places right now.

    • Alexandra: (on painting her house) It's a metaphor for my relationships. I get excited. I trust I know what I am doing and I jump right in. I trust that it will be easy. I don't do research. I paint over my walls and over the walls of others with clean white paint. But as it starts to dry the truth comes out. It's lumpy.

    • Alexandra: I'll always be naive about people. And even with all the shocks I'll still always believe they are good underneath. And even after proof of what people did I still can't believe, really believe, they aren't the people I thought they were. My brain just can't take it in. I guess that makes me an idiot. or a romantic.

    • Alexandra: I think everything is contrived, down to the largest coincidence.