Alexandra Davies

Alexandra Davies


3/8/1977, Sydney, Australia

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Alexandra Davies


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Alex had her big break in 2000 in the sitcom Flat Chat. Alex has also been involved in other movies and series. In 2003 she was nominated for a Logie in the category of 'Most Popular New Female Talent'.


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    • Recently Alex has begun to speak out about her battle with severe depression and panic disorder. She battled the illness alone for many years until she finally decided to seek help after cutting herself with a kitchen knife after a fight with her then-boyfriend.

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    • Alex: (On speaking out about her battle with severe depression and panic disorder) If by speaking out, I can help just one person going through the same thing, it'll be worth it.

  • What a great actress... One of Australia's BEST!!

    Alex has become one of my fav actresses after landing the role of Cate McMasters on All Saints... She's a breath of fresh air... She's got an amazing talent that allows her to play a variety of roles.

    She's been through a lot with admitting to her anxiety problems and i totally congratulate her for admitting to having a problem and helping others with the same problems...

    From her amazing talent to her courage she's an actress who deserves more accolades than she gets. I'd like to see the Australian public appreciate her more and i think she deserves the GOLD LOGIE!!!moreless
  • Great on screen.

    Alexandra is a wonderful newcomer and a splendit edition to the showbizz world. She's got the look, the brains and the talent. Her performance in All Saints alone, is enough to convince me of that. I hope to see more of Alexandra on tv in the future. She's delightful on screen. I feel she can achieve much, if she so wishes. She's the kind of actress, a viewer will like immediately and she can only be an asset to anything she will do in the future. For now, I will enjoy her very intersting role in All Saints, that she holds many possibilities for her as an actress.moreless