Alexandra DiMeco

Alexandra DiMeco


6/12/1992, Waterbury, Connecticut, U.S.A.

Birth Name

Alexandra Jean DiMeco



Also Known As

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Allie is a girl who can play instruments, act, sing, and dance! Allie was born in Florida but raised and currently still living in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Allie began acting at the age of five. Her first television appearance was on David Letterman when she was in Kindergarten.…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • allie is a really talented, kind and loving girl who doent care what people think about her and is down to earth and she is really good looking for her age.moreless

    i like rosalina, she is unique and diffrent and when they were actind polar bears , i thought she had real good talent and is nor fat or skinny, she is just right , man i wish i knew her person, she sounds lyk she would be a girl to get to knw cause she sounds so sweet and so very kind which is reali cool and she aint like many other girls, she is very cool. naked brothers band rocks and so does your acting.

    she and me are a lot a like cause we have so much in common which i find is a honour. a sweet honour.moreless
  • Allie is extremely talented, and she is a great actress.

    Allie is extremely talented in many ways. She's a great actress, she is able to play several instruments really well, and she seems very down to earth. It is great to see famous people that want to interact with their fans, and Allie is doing that. Ahe maintains a normal life, but still has time for the band and the show. I think her character on The Naked Brothers band is complex, but she plays Rosalina well. She has also continued to get better as the show goes on. It will be great to see where her career goes after The Naked Brothers Band.moreless