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    • Alexandra:(On if women are cruel to men)I think everybody's cruel and everybody's really great, too, you know? It depends. I think everyone's really mean and hurts people, especially in relationships, but they're always on the flip side of it eventually.

    • Alexandra:(On playing Bruce Willis' daughter on "Friends") Oh, that was cool! You know, I had no idea that I was gonna have a dad on the show or who it was gonna be, so I was totally surprised -- that was a good surprise.

    • Alexandra:(On how her high school experience compared to her characters in "Sugar and Spice" and "Once and Again") I guess that, like in Sugar & Spice, I obviously had times in high school when I felt like I didn't fit in. And the sporty Alex? I kinda got into that junior and senior year -- when I started playing tennis. My parents are really into tennis. I was home recently and Wimbledon was on all the time...and if they didn't see it, they taped it. [Laughs]

    • Alexandra:(About her movie "Uprising") It's about the Warsaw ghetto uprising in World War II. It's a really good story and it's based on actual people. My character's a young Jewish girl who looks very Aryan, so she's able to sneak across to the Polish side and try to pass notes and stuff like that. We had a historian there to tell us what it was like at the time. We would do our little "classes" -- it was kinda like school, but in a really good way. [Laughs] We'd start out in the morning and we would go practice shooting guns and stuff, and then we'd have a little Hebrew lesson -- kind of learn some prayers, you know -- and then we'd go to the set and rehearse.

    • Alexandra:(On dating other actors) Yeah, it's great to date somebody like that. But everything is so situational -- I feel like my whole life is situational. So if I'm here doing this thing at this moment and then some other guy is there doing that, too, then that's great...but that situation is gonna change -- it always changes. So you just gotta keep that in mind, you know? So maybe it's better to not have a relationship with that person. Or maybe it's fine. But just know that it's gonna change! It's really funny, I think, when people are like, Oh, the one, I've found the one I love, it's so so great! And then six months later it's on the cover of every magazine that you've broken up and it's over! You know, of course it's over. [Laughs] I think it's better -- or easier for me right now -- to just always keep that in mind: You might as well just hang out and have a good time and not worry about it so much.

    • Alexandra:(On working with Meatloaf in "Wishcraft") The movie's kind of a high school love story, with murder. Classmates are kind of dropping dead left and right of us. Meat Loaf plays the detective guy who really thinks he's sharp and is gonna crack the case, you know? He's gonna figure these kids out. He was cool. He was a super-nice guy. I didn't have any scenes with him, so I just saw him here and there on the set.

    • Alexandra:(On what she looks for in a guy) Somebody who's funny and likes to have fun. I don't want somebody who's serious, but I don't want a slacker, either. Somebody who's creative.

    • Alexandra:(About being in a music video for Aerosmith) I'd just finished filming, but they shot their stuff in New York and I did my little acting part in L.A.. So I didn't get to meet them until they invited me to a show. I'm all excited, like, 'Yeah, rock concert, backstage - sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll! Let's go!'. I get back there and Steven Tyler and his wife are playing Candyland with their little daughter. I was 20 years too late