Alexandra Johnson





12/12/1990 , Toronto, Ontario

Birth Name

Alexandra Caitlin Johnson



Alexandra Johnson was born in Toronto on December 12, 1990 and landed her first tv commercial just 13 months later. Having been in numerous tv ads, Alexandra is now building an impressive list of credits on both the big and small screens. She appeared in the first Fox Television Studios tv movie "Deliberate Intent" (2000), starring Timothy Hutton, Ron Rifkin, and James McDaniel; the Lifetime cable feature "Dangerous Evidence: The Lori Jackson Story" (1999) as "Little Lori", Lynn Whitfield's character as a child; tv series guest roles on "Total Recall: 2070" (1998); "Due South" (1997) with her Aunt Marcia, who is also an actor; and the popular Canadian drama "Traders" (1996).

Alexandra also appeared in the feature film "Jacob Two Two Meets the Hooded Fang" (1999) starring Gary Busey, Miranda Richardson, Mark McKinnry and Ice-T.

Alexandra enjoys a wide variety of sports, including in-line skating, biking and touch football.