Alexandra Maria Lara

Alexandra Maria Lara


11/12/1978, Bucharest, Romania

Birth Name

Alexandra Maria Platareanu


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Alexandra Maria Lara was born on 12 November, 1978 in Bucharest, Romania. She is the only child of Valentin Pltreanu, a Bucharest actor, and his wife, Doina, a homemaker. When she was four and a half years she fled to Germany with her parents, although the family had…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 2005, she won the Undine Award for Vom Suchen und Finden der Liebe (About the Looking for and the Finding of Love), in the category Best Young Comedian.

    • She was in two films together with Bruno Ganz, 'Der Untergang' and 'Youth without Youth'. He is a father figure for Alexandra and she deems highly of him.

    • When Alexandra was in acting school, her father was also her teacher.

    • Alexandra was very happy when filming 'Doktor Schiwago', because she could speak by herself and wasn't synchronized.

    • When Alexandra looks back on her first time in Berlin, the first things which come to her mind are color television and escalators.

    • Alexandra failed the driving test three times.

    • She loves to drink cola by the bucket.

    • In 1996, Alexandra's agency told her to change her last name 'Platareanu' in 'Lara', because it was such a tongue twister.

    • Alexandra Maria Lara was a member of the theatre in her school.

    • Alexandra Maria Lara loves her job above all things and wants to continue acting for a very long time.

    • In 'Der Fischer und seine Frau', Alexandra's character in time became a sort of fury, so she had to get sudden surges of emotions, which wasn't extremely hard for her, since she has hysterical moments by herself, how she disclosed.

    • In 2007, Alexandra will play the female leading part in 'Youth without Youth', a film by Francis Ford Coppola, alongside Tim Roth.

    • The readers of the magazine 'Maxim' selected her to be the 'Superwoman of the Year' in 2004. More than 450,000 people participated in that ballot.

    • She had a boyfriend for several years, who was a joiner. They lived together in Berlin, but recently Alexandra broke up with him.

    • While Alexandra was shooting 'Nackt', she had to do a naked scene and felt a bit uncomfortable, because she never bared in front of so much people before.

    • She refused the offer to take off her clothes for the 'Playboy' shoot with the explanation, that she doesn't need any nude photos to be happy.

    • In 2005, Alexandra Maria Lara won the 'Golden Camera' for being the best German actress.

    • When she was 16, she had her first leading role in the series 'Mensch, Pia!'.

    • Since her beginning in acting, she already took part in over fifty TV or film productions.

    • Alexandra Maria Lara made her acting debut at the age of eleven years.

    • In preparation for her role as Traudl Junge in 'Der Untergang' she saw the documentation 'Im toten Winkel - Hitlers Sekrätrin' from Andre Heller and read the book 'Bis zur letzten Stunde' written by Traudl Junge herself, which happened to be her biggest help for the time of the filming.

    • In 2004, Alexandra won together with the crew of 'Der Untergang' the Bambi, in the category Best national Film.

    • It was always her wish to become an actress.

    • She learned to see movies in a different way, because of her contact with theatre, which she always through her father had.

    • Alexandra Maria Lara started acting by accident. When she was a little girl, people noticed her talent and wanted to work with her.

    • Alexandra Maria Lara's biggest hobbies are to go to the movies and to take acting lessons.

    • She is the daughter of the actor Valentin Platareanu.

    • She is 5' 8½" tall (1.74 m).

    • Alexandra Maria Lara was born on November 12, 1978 in Bukarest, Romania. She fled to Germany with her parents when she was four and a half years old.

    • April 2005: Ranked number 1 by the tabloid 'Bild' in the list of 'Today's 50 Most Beautiful Germans'.

    • Alexandra often travels to Bucharest to visit her grandmother.

    • Her star sign: Scorpio

  • Quotes

    • Alexandra: Wenn ich irgendwann einmal einen Wunschzettel an den Weihnachtsmann geschrieben hätte, mit Wünschen für meine Karriere - mit Coppola zu drehen, das hätte ich mir wohl nicht angemaßt. (If I would have written a wish list to Santa Claus sometime, with wishes for my career - to film with Coppola, I would've never arrogated that to myself.)

    • Alexandra Maria Lara: Durch meinen Job bin ich früh erwachsen geworden. (I early acquired adulthood through my job.)