Alexandra Vandernoot

Alexandra Vandernoot


9/19/1965, Brussels, Belgium

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Alexandra Vandernoot is a Belgian actress. She has starred in many French films. Her well known role in the United States and around the world is in the hit fantasy television series Highlander as Tessa Nol, Duncan MacLeod's girlfriend (and eventual fiancee). She appeared from the first episode…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Alexandra used to be a chain smoker, but decided to quit when she became pregnant with her first child.

    • Even though she doesn't act there anymore, Alexandra and her husband have a house in Vancouver, Canada.

    • Alexandra was faced with a tough decision when she decided to leave Highlander, as she loved the show, but despised the stereotype her character followed. She ultimately decided to leave, as she felt it would be best for her career, and the show itself.

    • Alexandra has two children with her spouse. Leo was born in 1995 and Julia in 2003.

    • Somewhat ironically, Alexandra is most famously known in North America as Tessa Noel in Highlander, yet she considers it to be one of her most disliked and stereotypical roles in her career.

    • Despite her impressive range of European films, she has only been in seven North American productions.

    • She has appeared in over 50 French and Belgium films and television series.

    • She is five foot, ten and half inches tall.

    • Alexandra is married to Bernard Uzan.

  • Quotes

    • Alexandra: I learned a lot on Highlander, like shooting fast. Besides, we were playing in English, so it was a real personal challenge for me. I did a little over 30 episodes and then I stopped. We were shooting in Canada, it wasn't very practical for a family life. I have the memory of a exhausting shooting, but a rewarding one.