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    • Alexandrea: When I was 3 or 4 and I just got a phone in my room and it was my father's birthday and we had some friends from New York to come down and help celebrate his birthday and I was up stairs by myself and I don't know why I felt obligated to press "911" on the phone, so I called "911" and then I hung up, then they called back, then I hung up again, they called again, then I told them all this stuff. I told them my name, I told them this crazy story about saying like, "My dad shot my mom" or something like that and like, "she's bleeding and then he shot himself" or something like that and then they told me to open the door and then I opened the door and then they came in and it was like, "Get on the floor" and like their friends from New York were like scared and my mom came outside and was like, "Where's my husband? Oh my God what is going on?" And then just to make a long story short like they realized I was playing on the phone and I got what I deserved that day.