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  • Alexis (as well as Andrea James) is an inspiration to all transgendered women everywhere. I'm a transgendered woman myself. Her biography on this site should be changed to female and should be reflected to such.

    Her bio should read

    "She is a member of the famous Arquette family.

    She is the sister of Richmond Arquette, David Arquette, Patricia Arquette and Rosanna Arquette.

    Her father is Lewis Arquette and her grandfather is Cliff Arquette." She did undergo M2F gender reassignment surgery in 2004.

    Other than the biography correction, Arquette also made a cameo appearance in Robbie Williams's "She's Madonna" video. Alexis was also a guest on "The Adam Carolla Show." Danny Bonaduce, a co-host, asked Alexis if she had male genitalia. That question, and Alexis' refusal to answer sparked an argument between Carolla, Bonaduce, and Arquette, ending in Arquette storming out of the studio and violently pushing sound equipment at them as she was leaving.

    She did undergo M2F gender reassignment surgery in 2004.