Alexis Denisof

Alexis Denisof


2/25/1966, Salisbury, Maryland, USA

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A native of Salisbury, MD, Denisof grew up in Seattle, where he began his acting career in productions at the distinguished ACT (A Contemporary Theatre). Following high school, Denisof continued his training overseas when he was accepted at the prestigious London Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts. Upon…more


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    • Alexis Denisof: (On David Boreanaz) David – funny, consistent, tough, sweet.

    • Alexis Denisof: (On what boarding school life was like) Well, it was a big change. I was 13 years old, and going away to school would be a change for any 13 year old – but to go from Seattle, Washington, to Concord, New Hampshire, was a big change geographically and culturally. And then also the kind of intense type academic environment that Ivy League boarding schools create was a big change. It's all at a formative time in your life, so on the one hand I treasure the time that I had there, and am very grateful for all of the values and educational opportunities it provided. It was also in some ways a shock to the system.

    • Alexis Denisof: It's just that there's something greater than the sum of the parts, when things are going well. That's what I like, that's what I hope to tune into when I'm working, is the sort of unknown. It's the magic part that enters a scene when the actors and the writers and the director have all done their work, and then they're able to let the magic unfold.

    • Alexis Denisof: It just was really a case of osmosis, and absorbing the attitudes and approaches of the people around me, and realizing that there is a place for hard work and that that should be applauded, but that simply working hard is not necessarily, in acting terms, the way to achieve a good performance.

    • Alexis Denisof: I mean, I was a kid. I still kind of thought maybe I'd be a professional soccer player or a fireman, or an astronaut, you know? So being an actor was pretty low on the list at that point. By the time I had finished my studies at St. Paul's School, I knew I wanted to be an actor.

    • Alexis Denisof: My family emigrated during the revolution. My grandfather was from outside of Moscow, and my grandmother, although some of her family were French, was from Odessa. They met as immigrants in New York in the early '20s. My mother's family came over from Ireland generations ago. That's where the silly name is from. But it's not made up! You couldn't think that one up. Mom says my father was torn between naming me Archibald and Reginald, and so I'm delighted he settled on naming me after my grandfather.

  • Wesley, Wesley, I miss you.

    Alexis Denisof is a gifted and talented actor. I don't always feel he gets enough credit. Wesley was by far one of my absolute favorite characters in Buffyverse. I think I cried the hardest for him when the show ended. And of course that had somewhat to do with the writing, but I don't think I would've loved that character as much if he hadn't been playing him. I love what they did with his character too. The character development in Wesley was the most drastic in my opinion. Wesley season 3 Buffy is no where near Angel season 5, but I can go and watch Bad Girls and follow it up with Not Fade Away and know that is the same person. He is so dedicated. I miss seeing him on TV on a regular basis.moreless
  • Great Actor, he knows what he is doing.

    Alexis plays Wesley Windum Price in Angel, and does one hell of an acting job at it, he comes into the show during mid season 1 and just brings laughter right with him, but as the years go by he loses that sense of humor, but at times shows signs of his comical side. He eventually dies in the end of the show which is sad. 9.5 out of 10 for Alexis Denisof.moreless