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  • Sorta Dumb and Pie Face!

    Alexis Dziena performance in Broken Flowers is manic just like her personality is in other roles. My axis does not turn on Alexis. She is pie-faced for one. Her eyes are loony tunes gleeful like the cheshire cat in Alice In Wonderland. Make it in lunatic. Alexis Dziena tries to be really coy in Broken Flowers but her face is like a puffy busy body. Not even playful innocent. That role by this moony bozo Alexis Dziena ruined an otherwise, and the way she walked around thinking she was hot...give me a break. It did not give me a rush of blood let alone a rise. Yuck. Does have a cute smile but dumb. Obviously fancies herself. Delusions of grand-your.
  • She is charming as Kira Underlay.

    This role must have been meant for Alexis, she plays the part perfectly. She is so adorable and absolutely goegeous while she plays her part as Kira. She is Kira. She plays the daughter smoothly and seemlessly, as if she is the character she's playing. Her talent can get her other roles, Kira is a character that may be one of her defining roles. i wish she'll get others, but for me she'll always be kira. while she played some of the intense scenes in the show, like her getting dragged under the water or getting chased in the wharf, she shows it with so much grace. she is truly talented.
  • Such a hottie, and not as young as she plays.

    I love that a 21 year old plays a fifteen year old. She is such a hottie. And the whole her having a thing for her step brother on invasion makes her all the more appealing. Plus she seems really sweet on the show. All kind and caring. I can\'t wait to see where the series goes