Alexis Stewart

Alexis Stewart


9/27/1965, New York, New York, USA

Birth Name

Alexis Gilbert Stewart



Also Known As

Lexi Stewart
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Alexis Stewart was born in New York, New York on September 27 1965 to parents Martha and Andy Stewart. Since she was born at the height of Martha's modeling carrear her birth took a strain on her life. But Martha took her under her wing and made her…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Lexi has a love of quality, cleanliness, and simplicity.

    • Alexis does Yoga all the time.

    • During an interview on The Howard Stern Show on Sirius Satellite Radio on January 23, 2006, Alexis said that she hasn't had any contact with her father for the past 20 years. Alexis added that she's not against divorce in general, but that her father acted like "a real creep" when he split with Martha and that she hasn't been able to forgive him for it.

    • She is Martha Stewart's, only child.

    • Alexis admits to not knowing what to do or how to act on her mom's version of The Apprentice.

    • Alexis admits to having experimented with lesbianism.

    • "Horse-drawn carriages aren't just cruel to the horses who are forced to work long hours in extreme weather conditions while walking on hard pavement and inhaling exhaust fumes all day long; they are equally dangerous to riders, drivers, pedestrians and motorists." Stewart wrote to Mayor Michael Bloomberg on behalf of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

    • Stewart attended and graduated from Barnard College.

    • During her appearance on the "Howard Stern on Demand" (2005) show on January 23 2006, Alexis said that she is desperate to have a baby and is planning to become pregnant through a sperm donor.

    • Alexis is a very big animal lover.

    • Stewart's nickname is "Lexi".

    • Amy Kerr portrayed Alexis Stewart in the NBC made-for-tv movie Martha Inc: The Story of Martha Stewart.

    • As of 2005, Alexis cohosts the radio show "Whatever" with Jennifer Koppelman Hutt from Monday-Friday on SIRIUS Satellite Radio on Channel 112 from 5pm-7pm EST. Rebroadcasts air at 12am EST can be caught at midnight EST.

    • Stewart married John Cuti, an attorney in 1997. Cuti served as a consultant during Martha's legal proceedings, but was not her primary attorney. During or shortly after the trial, Stewart and Cuti separated in 2004

    • All of Alexis's television appearances have been under her mother, Martha Stewart.

    • Alexis is the daughter of TV perfectionist Martha Stewart and Martha's former hubby Andrew Stewart.

  • Quotes

    • Alexis (on what's it like having Martha Stewart as a mother): I don't know she's been my mom my whole life.


    Those legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would love to have them wrapped around my neck for a few hours! That is...IF she likes men! Hell...even if she doesn't! How can anyone argue that she's not attractive. If not phsically to you then surely the fortune she's due to inherit would have to make her a 10+
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