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  • Episode Three

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    S 1 : Ep 3 - 3/9/99

    Vince is trying to match Phil with Alexander, but Alexander returns from holiday with new boyfriend Lee. They met during the flight and Lee doesn't speak English.

    Nathan orders a cab for him and Donna on Stuart's account to impress her.

    Vince returns baby Alfred to Romey and she realises that Stuart has spent no time with his son. Vince then returns to Stuart, who rings a colleague that can translate what Lee is saying. It turns out he is a prostitute waiting to be paid. Stuart doesn't tell Alexander.

    Nathan admits to Donna that Stuart finished with him. Donna suggests that they go to Canal Street to get him a new boyfriend.

    In a pub that night Nathan introduces Donna to Vince's mum and Bernard. Vince bumps into Rosalie from work and pretends that he is straight and that it's the first time he has been in a gay venue. Vince returns to Stuart and says they are leaving. Before leaving, Stuart introduces himself to Rosalie and says Vince likes her. Bernard gives Nathan his membership card for the Babylon Club so that he can follow Stuart.

    At Babylon Stuart and Vince do some drugs. Lee goes missing and is found with another man. Stuart pulls two men and takes them home for sex. Donna tries to convince Nathan that Stuart is a bad lot but he is convinced Stuart is the best. Vince goes home with a man. Alexander, Dane and another man go for a threesome. The other man is a bit strange, so Dane runs for it while Alexander stays. Vince's man has an unfortunate condition so the chance of sex is off.

    Phil tries some drugs and has a bad reaction. Whilst he is unconscious his date takes the money from Phil's wallet and leaves.

    Days later, Vince is out on the town and receives a call from Phil's mum. He's dead.moreless