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  • Alfonso Rideiro is awesome!!

    Alfonso Ribeiro is such a great actor. He is totally awesome!! My favorite show he was in is the Fresh Prince of Bel Air!! He portrayed the role as Carlton, the cousin of Will. He was hilarious on that show!!! I love that Carlton Dance he does!! LMAO!!! I love it when he does his little dance!! Especially when he dances to the music of his favorite artist, Tom Jones!! On the show, he is really smart, but, how he tries to fit in with Will makes me laugh. He is not up to date with a lot of the slang terms and tries to ask him what each term means! Alfonso Ribeiro is a great actor!

    Alfonso Rebeiro is a very talented dancer, actor, and in some cases, singing. I've only seen him on Fresh Prince of Bel Air, but I can assume he really deserves a lot of credit for his talents. He is an awesome dancer, and I like how he does tap dancing and the Carlton Dance on Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He is just as hilarious as Will Smith, and he should have his own show. One of the all time greats in acting, dancing, singing, and other things on the show. He really should have a show, and he is just funny!
  • We will give Alfonso Ribeiro respect!!!!

    Alfonso Ribeiro is so cool as Carlton Banks on the show, The Fresh Prince Of Belair. I have notice the dancing he did on The Fresh Prince Of Belair, he really didnt enjoy the dancing that he did at the show. All this time I thought he loves doing it. Alfonso Ribeiro is so hilarious and cool and...handsome. Im not saying I really love him because im a boy. He is the funnest charater on the show. The other things he do, im actually impress on everything he did. Those were the days. What ever he is doing right now, I wish him the best of luck.
  • great actor. sometimes even outshone will smith in the fresh prince

    the first thing that comes to mind about alfonso is his role as calrton banks on the fresh prince of bel-air. Not only was he amazing in that show, but he was sometimes even better than Will. Of course the show couldn't have worked without Will but Alfonso definetly stepped it up whenever he was around him. The two combined created some great classic episodes. The best thing about carlton was his crazy dance moves and singing. Alfonso used his singing and dancing skills from prior Fresh Prince to help the acting. Even though he is more known for Carlton Banks, he did have a long and successful career in Silver Spoons as the charming kid actor.
  • One word. Amazing. How does he do it.

    I know of Alfonso through the show the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and he is my favorite actor on the show. I think he is the best dancer on that show, and also the best actor. He actor is very good, and his humor on the Fresh Prince is unbeatable. I personally think he is the best dancer I have seen on television and that he has fantastic moves. The dancers he has to perform are very funny to watch and everybody loves the way he does it. Any show that involves dancing that doesn't have Alfonso as a cast member is most likely missing out.
  • This is crazy

    I am suprised he hasnt done more in tv, he should it is crazy that he didnt but i mean w/e. He was much more appealing as an actor than that of his co-star Will Smith. Will Smith is too funny and isnt a good enough actor, he is ok.
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    he's a great actor and he is dominican.He made everyone laugh with his great role as carlton he was the typical geek virgin. in real life he was nothing like that.Some people might not know that carlton was way stronger than will.t a l k l a t e r
  • What a funny guy! Best known as "Carlton" on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Alfonso plays a charecter who can even outshine Will Smith himself!

    What a funny guy! Best known as "Carlton" on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Alfonso plays a charecter who can even outshine Will Smith himself! Funny, Smart, and a Damn Good dancer! i mean Micheal Jackson was even impressed! I just hoped MJ kept his admiration on the Dance floor *Wink Wink* I'm kidding, he's innocent! Anyways, Alfonso Ribeiro is truly the Man of the 90s!
  • holy crap duz this kid have talent

    It is kind of sad how he has grown from the year because he looked really good on Fresh Prince of Bel-air. He has a great voice and he is one extremely great dancer. I base that on his dances on Fresh Prince of Bel-air. This guy is funny or he is just plain outright talented