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Al Kahn, Alfred E. Kahn, Alfred Kahn
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Alfred R. Kahn was the Chairman and the CEO of 4kids Entertainment. He was the responsible for turning Leisure Concepts Inc. to 4kids Entertainment in 1988.
He dubbed the most popular series called Pokemon, he also dubbed other animes and foreign cartoons such as Yu-Gi-Oh, Shaman King, Mew…more


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  • "There is nothing good about what you do or who you are."

    I don't like you you pompous son of a squid!

    you ruined anime to make you feel better

    and Americans cant read?!?!?!? you sir are an idiot!

    one piece is the best anime and you raped it

    TMNT was a great show till you raped it!

    I am glad you lost pokemon and you stopped raping one piece thats what the 1.6 is for

    I hope you can sleep with one eye open!When writing your review, remember to keep the language clean and I did. Reviews must be nice but I am not . I encourage you to try to get your facts right the first timemoreless
  • This guy has gone crazy.....

    Why would he do that? He cuts lots of scene even some funny parts. He thinks that we can't read EVEN ENGLISH! Meh,he is the worst person ever.

    He turned lots of good show into crap. One piece turned into crap thanks to this guy but lucky funimation redub it. Mew mew power (Tokyo mew mew in japan) was bad. 4kid's pokemon was bad thanks to him,Luckily it's over. He edited some thing. Like the giant rice ball was replaced to giant sandwich,gun turned into colored gun. And lots of thing whatever 4kids dub. No one love him,No one love 4kids. Stop editing and we like 4kids and you.moreless