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  • "There is nothing good about what you do or who you are."

    I don't like you you pompous son of a squid!

    you ruined anime to make you feel better
    and Americans cant read?!?!?!? you sir are an idiot!
    one piece is the best anime and you raped it
    TMNT was a great show till you raped it!
    I am glad you lost pokemon and you stopped raping one piece thats what the 1.6 is for
    I hope you can sleep with one eye open!When writing your review, remember to keep the language clean and I did. Reviews must be nice but I am not . I encourage you to try to get your facts right the first time
  • This guy has gone crazy.....

    Why would he do that? He cuts lots of scene even some funny parts. He thinks that we can't read EVEN ENGLISH! Meh,he is the worst person ever.

    He turned lots of good show into crap. One piece turned into crap thanks to this guy but lucky funimation redub it. Mew mew power (Tokyo mew mew in japan) was bad. 4kid's pokemon was bad thanks to him,Luckily it's over. He edited some thing. Like the giant rice ball was replaced to giant sandwich,gun turned into colored gun. And lots of thing whatever 4kids dub. No one love him,No one love 4kids. Stop editing and we like 4kids and you.
  • Cool guy. One of the good ones

    Al Kahn has given us kids a lot of good things to watch. Vivia Pinata, TMNT, but the thing I like about him most is his idea on child friendliness for anime. 4Kids dubs anime quite well. They edit stuff out so the kids can enjoy it and they're still able to keep in the best parts. Sometimes they make some mistakes, but everything else they do for anime is able to make up for that. Teaming up with Microsoft got him Viva Pinata, and I must say that's a good show. Not only that, but Al seems to choose the best possible voice actors for most characters. As for his "Kids don't Read" thing I think that I partly agree with him. I mean, I hardly read anything I know I'll hate, but I must say that removing text from anime is a waste of time. If they can't read it then too bad for whoever's watching it. I do disagree with him for the most part though. Manga is one of the few things I enjoy reading. So I think that manga can be a good way to get kids to read. Despite that however, I think he's a good guy with good intentions.
  • If a guy in his middle years thinks he can dub anime so kids will like it, he's nuts.

    What can I say? What CAN'T I say? This guy owns 4Kids. He can't dub any anime without overdoing it. He thinks American kids don't read. Need I go on? This guy also overdubs things(Oh, no! Anime signs! Remove them!), takes out simple WORDS in his shows, and ruined One Piece(Luffy wasn't annoying?) and other shows.If he didn't overdub everything, I'd give him a 6 or 7. But no, he has to take out anything related to anime, blood, or just violence! That's how the dubbing brought him down. Anyway, I hope the original shows he dbbed are released on unedited DVD's! Kids aren't that stupid or sencitive!
  • What do I have to say about this guy?Hmm,I know,he's the WORST anime dubber ever!

    I've heard his work and well,he ruined our anime!!!!He's screwed up Poke'mon,he's Screwed up Yu-Gi-Oh,he's screwed up One Piece,and more importantly,Sonic X!I don't think he even knows how to dub popular Japanese tv shows or Video Games.He just gives us thewse sucky actors voicing shows he owns!In Poke'mon,May sounds like a spoiled brat!Sonic X,Sonic sounds annoying.When I saw the first season of Yu-Gi-Oh GX(I saw spoilers on Katsa)I hope d it would be better than the original.Boy was I wrong!They made it so it has pointless plots and even more pointless villans.Something tells me in the future(No,I'm not psychic)he'll buy out Naruto and screw it up just as bad!I don't even want to think of what would happen if he got Sailor Moon,Fullmetal Alchemist,or Ranma 1/2!Thank god he lost Poke'mon.I hope he loses Sonic X soon.He thinks Anime is 4kids,but it isn't.Anime is mature people,but he think's anime is for toddlers(Which it's not!)He's just a big baby.And I agree with Sony391 about saying kids in America don't read.If we don't,then why do we go to school,or write,or tell time?Alfred,you should just throw in the towel and get a job at Mcdonald's.You can't dub anime,so leave that to good dubers like Viz Media,Fundamation,or Toei.
  • Alfred R. Khan will forever be one of the worst Cartoon/Anime president , and producer in the history of Mankind. The destroyer of most Animes , and makes Viz & Fundamation look like Heaven.

    This sir dosen't deserve to be a president , or producer at any show based off an Anime or Cartoon , because he is nothing more then a gigantic baby with tons of diapers just waiting to be put on for the dubs his company , 4Kids , made. He and the rest of the people are trying to destroy every single cloth of Anime in America by saying that Anime is suppose to be 4Kids. Well , has the company ever thought of doing an anime that isn't suppose to be like One Piece nor Yu-Gi-Oh?! Both of those animes are not considered as shows for kids , but more mature shows showed in Japan. I'm glad that Pokemon's dub is over , because I could've seen the worst of the show , and the cancellation of One Piece ( which the rights aren't due till 2008 ) , which needs to be distributed by another anime dubber ASAP! Not only is this guy responisable for the most stupidest dub actions , but made a speech saying that all the American kids don't read. Well , why do we make reviews like this? Why do we have encyclopedias , dictionarys , atlas , and others on the internet? Because those are considered as reading. I think that ones that are sucky anime dubbers don't read!
  • He is terrible, and leader of the ever-hated 4kids

    I hate 4kids, and I really hate this guy for dubbing anime into a kiddy and crap show! He screws up scenes and even edits the good stuff, which is incredibly unnecessary because the Japanese originals were good. I though that anime plained sucked before, but that's only because I've seen the 4kids versions. Like Sonic X for example. The Japanese sub is amazing, but the 4kids version is a real stinker of a show. Everyone sounds AWFUL!! They've ruined other anime, like One Piece for example. I think he should give up and stick to his day job, because he and his company really blow!!
  • Meet the devil. The assassian of One Piece and Sonic X

    This in probably the most hated guy in the world of anime. I never hated him until the adaption of Sonic X and the replacement of the original voice actors with his own crap quality ones. Following was One Piece and Ojamajo Doremi. I thought Magical DoReMi was a good dub, but then I saw it's original Japanese version, Aiko/Mirabelle's voice was horrid and there was a lot more they left out and changed, it was an insulting dub, it desturbed me even more when someone called it the second best dub next to Pokemon. Personally, I would say one of the Nintendo dubs may be the second best to what became of Ojamajo Doremi. But now to One Piece, I heard of One Piece before it was an anime, on a Shonen Jump video advertisment I saw Luffy and saw a little of One Piece still not knowing too much about it. When I saw previews on FoxBox before it was 4Kids TV, I saw Luffy in anime form and the title One Piece and thought "Oh it's an anime now" and thought I would take a look at it. It looked kind of strange at first yet the storyline sounded interesting. I watched for a while and saw a lot of things that really made the show look stupid, I was starting to think this was not that good of a show, but then I saw the outrage from fans of the original, I was thinking maybe there was more to this then I thought. So I checked Wikipedia and petitions and such as saw a lot that was changed. I then went to read the Manga after getting into Naruto and seeing how faithfully VIZ Media dubbed it which made me happy. When I read the Manga, it was awesome, better then what was on the anime, I saw some stuff I never thought was part show that was really cool. Then I purchaced Uncut Japanese One Piece at and when I saw it, I saw how much was changed and how a lot of it was really pointless to change as well. That was the day I fell in love with One Piece started shouting humorously "I Want To Be A Pirate Damnit!" and was more against 4Kids then ever then I was with Ojamajo Doremi and Sonic.

    I have read a lot of stuff Kahn as said and done since then, even heard some audio clips and I am outraged. This guy is a criminal (in my view anyway) what this guy allows, what he does, it's insulting. If You REALLY care about anime and Sonic, avoid the dubbed versions of the animes dubbed by 4Kids and the English versions of the Sonic games, import them and a PS3 from Japan. And don't buy One Piece Grand Battle in English either or any other anime based game that has to do with 4Kids.