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  • I cant get enough!

    I love love love Ali Larter!!!!!♥ I cant get enough of her work. I get my hands on any of her peices of work as soon as I can. I absolutly love her in the Final Destination films especially the first one. She did amazing in Legally Blonde for how small of a role she had! "You know a Delta Nu would never sleep with a man who wears a thong" such a hilight to that film. Resident Evil what can I say about that movie she was amazing! I love watching her interviews her laugh is so contagious! Heroes.... Ali was the reason I started watching.Niki was by far the best character in the series. Shes so beautiful and always manages to look amazing no matter what she has on. I loved seing the tw different sides of Ali the emotional sensitive side and the evil super sexy bad a** side. Ali's acting is pure pefection shes my insriration when it comes down to acting Im and aspiring actrss and I have studied Ali's work since I was about 13. Obsessed is one of my favorite movies. Like I said I cant get enough of Ali and her amazing work! Might I add she is STUNNING!. And always looks amazing at every event Ive ever seen pictures from! Cant forget the CONGRATS to Ali for her marrriage to Hayes McArthur. He is one very lucky man! ;)
  • Depends on her her physical image way too much.

    Obviousley Ali Larter has been a star for a while now. She has mastered the horror genre and did some work regarding comdedy. She showed off her screams and worried faces in the first two ' Final Destination ' movies and then took it to the next level in the third ' Resident Evil ' so there is not doubt about it that this woman can act. Now we can see Ali Larter on Heroes. She has been on Heroes from episode one and on Heroes we have seen her develop her acting skills. For the first two seasons Ali Larter did great as Nikki Sanders. A mother of a child who can talk to machines while she has a split personality. It's superb how she could transform herself from the innocent, caring and nurtouring Nikki Sanders into the evil,sexy and Mischiveous Jessica in a matter of seconds. I like everything about Ali's performances except for one thing. Sometimes she dosen't react in scenes as well as she should because I think that she thinks her face is good enough for all expressions if she just stands there. Like in Volume 3 of Heroes. All she does is talk and smile when she's being evil. When Tracy was going to kill herself, she just stood there with no expressions and threw herslef off the bridge. I'm not sure whether Ali is slipping as an actress or if it's this character Tracy which isn't letting Ali get to her full potential. Either way Ali needs to expand her horizons with more movie roles and different shows. She's always my favorite on Heroes but I think it would be better for her if she left the show. In conclusion Ali is magnificent and outstanding as an actress in my oponion and I deffinately want to see more of her :D
  • Annoying and overused character. The writers need to put an end to Ali Larter.

    Ali Larter was ok as Nikki, however her role on Heroes was overused for a long time. I was so glad to have Nikki die in the show, only to figure out the writers brought in Tracy just to keep Ali Larter in the show. The actress herself is god awful at acting and quite annoying. I always hated her in the show and thought she was a big waste of time, money, and space.

    Tracy was one of the most bipolar characters and I really hated the way she was trying to control everyone. She was more bipolar than Elle. At first she was a prostitute trying to get Nathan into the public's eye, then she becomes the innocent girl framed by the media, and then she's the emo girl who tries to kill herself, falls in love, and then goes right back to the prostitute who's trying to control everyone and everything. She was sooooooo annoying. The best part of this past season was when Hiro punched her in her face. She deserved that.

    Ali Larter stinks as an actress and she always does the same annoying face expressions. Her smile is so annoying the way all her teeth show. It really bothers me the way everyone thinks she's a good actress. She has no idea what she's doing in front of the camera.

    The entire Tracy thing was a complete waste of time on the show and could've easily saved time for more character development on the MAIN characters, instead of focusing on a nobody who didn't even drive the story forward. Everything she did had no point in the story and everyone would've gotten to the same spot had she not been there. I really hated the way the last episode of Villains ended where she was seen picking up Mohinder and flashing that annoying smile. If the writers really cared about the show they won't waste our time with that sorry excuse of an actress and just kill her off the show for good.
  • She's so great and I think she can be a bigger star because she is so talented!!!

    I love Ali Later . She plays Nikki / Jessica in Heroes and she is perfect for that role . I would not love those characters if they're not played by her ! She really brings the spirit in her characters and we can see she is so talented ! I just love her ! She's very pretty and I love her eyes . . . She is so cute when she's sad . . . And she is so sexy when she plays Jessica . . . :D :D :D All in all, Ali is a great actresses and she's so talented and I love her very much! :)
  • Just amazing!

    Ali Larter is the best actor on Heroes. Her role on the show, Niki/Jessica is just awesome! It takes to be great to do what she does on the TV show! She should have her own show or a spin-off when Heroes is over, because she really deserves it! I just love her!
    She manages to do everything just great! To play a role where she must be two at the same time it is not easy and she is doing amazing!

    She should be on the air a long time ago, that's for sure!

    Ali Larter, you are the best ever! ;)
  • Ali has what it takes.

    Ali is strong, independent, intelligent, talented and gorgeous. She is a great role model for people. She is best know for her work in as Nikki in Heroes and as Clear in Final Destination, both of which she did and excellent job. I love that even though she's not afraid to take off her clothes, she doesn't just play the "sex kitten" aspect, as many actresses do. She plays strong women. Women who can take care of themselves and their family. It's great to see women kick butt, and she does it well. But I think the best thing about her is, even with her rising fame, she manages to stay grounded. She doesn't think she's better than everyone and above everything. It's really refreshing to see. I hope she keeps up her game, continues working hard. If she does, the sky's the limit.
  • I really believe Ali Larter has what it takes to become a very impressive actor. She's great! She's beautiful, and I really enjoy watching her.

    Ali Larter is a very impressive actress. I first took notice of her, in Final Destination. It was because of her that I watched Final Destination part one and two,as many times as I did. In the beginning of Heroes I was'nt really sure about her charachter, but with each episode I have grown to like 'Nikki'.And after last weeks episode I'm even more intrigued by her, I can not wait to see what happens. You never can tell if she's going to be good , or bad .Its very exciting. I hope with this role, it really helps boost her career.She deserves it!!
  • great.

    Ali Larter is one of my all time favorite actress'. I seen her first in Final Destination and I loved her in that. Also her character in Legally Blonde was great, I loved how she could be serious, while still being hilarious at the same time. Now she is on one of my new favorite shows Heroes, and she is supreb in that. Ali is an amazing actress, and I can't wait to see her in more roles to see how she does in other roles. She brings soemthing new and give each role and character a new pulse. lol :]]
  • Very nice.... and WOW

    Ali Larter first got my attention in the Final Destination films 1 and 2, as the tragic CLear Rivers. Then I found out she'd been in Dawsons (sic) Creek and Legally Blonde, as well as House on Haunted Hill. More recently she is seen in Heroes, as the sexy and sassy Nikki Sanders and her twin sister Jessica, difference between them, one (Jessie) is evil and has a tattoo, which viewers see from ep 1. She is very talented, and gives the show a oomph of sex appeal, and I cant wait to see her in more movies. More Ali please.
  • Amazing!!!! and Beautiful at the same time!

    I personally think.. she did a great job in final destination 1 and 2... She has also been assigned to play a role in the Resident evil trilogy (2007)....

    However, she is doing really good with the heroes series!! And I will simply give her a high 5 !! Go girl!!!!!!!!
  • She is alright, in only one role.

    I haven't seen or heard of her after her role in a movie in the 90's until she popped up on Heroes. I have never liked her in any role other than heroes. She is witty and beautiful in the show, and not really worth much outside of it. I wish she could find better stuff outside of heroes, but for now the only role I have ever liked her in is heroes. Her evil side is better than her good, that is what makes her so hot. She should seriously consider sticking with villians for a while, she may win an oscar there.
  • Ali Larter will be known for her roles in the first two installments of Final Destination 1 and 2. However, Heroes could be her ticket to the superstar status.

    Ali Larter is a great actress that is raising to the top some of the best actresses in Hollywood. She got recognized with her role as Clear Rivers in Final Destination 1 and 2 and as Brooke Taylor Windham in Legally Blonde. She got a good chance to prove her greatness by playing Niki/Jessica Sanders on the TV series Heroes, which will only help her because the show is incredibly good and popular. Not only is she a gorgeous woman, but the role of Niki/Jessica Sanders seems like the perfect role for her because she has the right talent to prove it. Overall, she is an great actress thus far.
  • empty

    I think that she is really pretty, but I have seen her act on Heroes, and I must admit that she has an amazing talent in the show, and I really enjoy her acting. She was truly the perfect woman for that role, she has also appeared in some movies, some of them that are very cool.
  • empty

    Ali Larter became famous for being the "whipped-cream-bikini" girl in the movie "Varsity Blues." She's also been in a slew of other movies and most recently on the television show, "Heroes." Larter has really developed into a decent actress over the past few years.
  • empty

    Ali Larter is most famous from her role in the popular TV drama "Heroes" and I only found out right now on Filmspot that she has been in numerous popularish movies. She isn't my favourite character on Heroes, nowhere near it but I think that her acting is just brilliant. She is very tallented to act such a mixed emotional character.
  • Ali Larter is Great!

    Ali Larter in my opinion is a very talented but underrated actress. I was very surprised that she didn't have a fast track career as an actress. I'm finally glad that she has a role that people can recognize her for. Ali Larter plays Niki Sanders on the NBC hit sci-fi series Heroes. Her character in Heroes has a split persona. Now i'm not sure if people would consider that as an ability but she still is a critical character to the series. Ali Larter has previously worked on the first two Final Destination movies, Legally Blonde, and will play Claire Redfield in the upcoming seque in 2007 entitled Resident Evil: Extinction. I'm hoping that her role on Heroes will be recognized by critics and fans everywhere.
  • Love this girl!!

    I think she is an amazing actress. She is pretty and talented. When I first saw her in Heroes, I couldn\\\\\\\'t understand why I thought she looked so familiar. Then I remembered: Final Destination! Entourage! I loved her in Final Destination, although Final Destination 2 was something to be desired. Her story in Heroes *to me* is still unclear in Heroes, but I can\'t wait to see what her story will be. I hope she gets lots of screen time so that she will get a huge fanbase! Already it looks like she will get her fair share and get her due!
  • I\'m writing just to say how much ilove Ali Larter, she is by far the most talented and beautiful person in the world. My favourite movies she is in is Final Destination 1 & 2 and House on Haunted Hill. I LOVE YPU ALI!

    I wrote this because i love her and i wanted everyone to know just how talented and beautiful she is so everyone else can enjoy her warm spirit and loving personality. I would watch any sort of movie that she is in and i really hope that you would too.