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  • Depends on her her physical image way too much.

    Obviousley Ali Larter has been a star for a while now. She has mastered the horror genre and did some work regarding comdedy. She showed off her screams and worried faces in the first two ' Final Destination ' movies and then took it to the next level in the third ' Resident Evil ' so there is not doubt about it that this woman can act. Now we can see Ali Larter on Heroes. She has been on Heroes from episode one and on Heroes we have seen her develop her acting skills. For the first two seasons Ali Larter did great as Nikki Sanders. A mother of a child who can talk to machines while she has a split personality. It's superb how she could transform herself from the innocent, caring and nurtouring Nikki Sanders into the evil,sexy and Mischiveous Jessica in a matter of seconds. I like everything about Ali's performances except for one thing. Sometimes she dosen't react in scenes as well as she should because I think that she thinks her face is good enough for all expressions if she just stands there. Like in Volume 3 of Heroes. All she does is talk and smile when she's being evil. When Tracy was going to kill herself, she just stood there with no expressions and threw herslef off the bridge. I'm not sure whether Ali is slipping as an actress or if it's this character Tracy which isn't letting Ali get to her full potential. Either way Ali needs to expand her horizons with more movie roles and different shows. She's always my favorite on Heroes but I think it would be better for her if she left the show. In conclusion Ali is magnificent and outstanding as an actress in my oponion and I deffinately want to see more of her :D