Alice Cooper





2/4/1948 , Detroit, Michigan, USA

Birth Name

Vincent Damon Furnier




Alice Cooper (born Vincent Damon Furnier, February 4, 1948), is a heavy metal singer and musician. Alice Cooper was originally just the name of Furnier's band. Furnier officially changed his own name to Alice Cooper for a successful solo career.

Furnier, of French ancestry, (born in Detroit but moved to Arizona when he was quite young) and heavily influenced by The Beatles, formed a number of rock bands in the 1960s, including the Earwigs, The Spiders, and The Nazz. Furnier, upon learning that Todd Rundgren also had a band called the Nazz, changed the band's name to Alice Cooper (the name Alice Cooper is said to have been agreed upon after one of Furnier's Ouija sessions, and learning that he was a reincarnation of a 17th century "witch" of the same name, according to band legend), which at that time included guitarist Mike Bruce, guitarist Glen Buxton, bassist Dennis Dunaway, and drummer Neal Smith. After moving to California in 1968, the band enlisted Shep Gordon and Joe Greenberg as their managers, and the band was soon signed to Frank Zappa's label, Straight Records - releasing two competent but outlandish albums, "Pretties For You" and "Easy Action", to a frosty public and critical reception.