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  • My favorite singer.

    Cooper is one of my favorite singers. He has some of the best shock rock songs in my opinion. He is also a talented golf player from whet I`ve heard in his biography book. I liked his songs for a while and I started reading about him and started submitting to the guide for info about Alice Cooper. My favorite of his albums are "Trash", "The Last Temptation", "The Eyes of Alice Cooper" and his "Classics" album. Though I haven`t been to his concerts I plan to go to one soon. He was recording songs since the late 60`s. I`d recomend his songs to anyone who is into rock. :D

  • It's Alice!

    Alice Cooper rules, he has some of the best songs ever created. He is just awesome, by the way Alice Cooper is from the 80's for everyone's information. He has songs like, No More Mr. Nice Guy, which is one of the best song to ever be play and Schools Out For The Summer. His songs just rule, you just have to hear them to believe what i'm saying. So head down to the music store and pick up a Alice Cooper cd, it will be worth it. I know it will be worth it. So Alice Cooper will always be what rock is about!
  • Rock legend Alice Cooper is one of the most underrated performers in the history of rock. While people know him for his theatrics, he has also written some of the greatest anthems in the history of rock.

    For almost fourty years, rock legend Alice Cooper has rocked and shocked audiences. Cooper, with his original band made a name for themselves with rocking songs and a scary stageshow. The original group put out a string of classic albums like "Love It To Death" and "School's Out." In 1975, the original members left to do solo projects and the lead singer,Alice Cooper put out one of the greatest albums in the history of rock called "Welcome To My Nightmare." The album and the tremendous stageshow set the standard for all rock shows. Cooper continued to tour and record and put together a string of hit sonds like "I Never Cry" and "Clones-We're All." In the late 70's, Alice saw his popularity began to decline due to alcoholism and changing trends in music.

    In 1986, Alice began to notice that hard rock was making a comeback and returned with the hard rocking "Constrictor" album. The album was a decent seller but it was his trademark stageshow that brought in new fans. In 1989, Alice returned to the top of the charts with the album "Trash. Since that time, Cooper has continued to tour on a yearly basis and has put out several great albums. His 1994 album "The Last Temptation" and 2000's industrialized metal album "Brutal Planet" are considered two of the best albums of his brilliant career. 2003's "The Eyes of Alice Cooper" marked a return to his old school sound and in 2005 he is set to release "Dirty Diamonds" which sounds like his classic material.

    Alice is still one of the best performers in rock and his recent music deserves to be heard just like the classics. His stageshow still features the theatrics people expect. His new album "Dirty Diamonds" will hit stores on August 2nd, 2005.