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    • Alice: (on her role in the movie Sex and the City 2 (2010)) This one is more guy friendly, especially my story line. I play Charlotte's nanny, and she spices things up a bit

    • Alice: (on how she does all different accents) We're exposed to a great deal of your culture over in England.

    • Alice: (on the type of exercise she does) I do yoga—that's my exercise of choice.

    • Alice: (on what she did with her She's OUt of My League co-stars) We went out to strip clubs. They were really intense, but the ladies there were very nice.

    • Alice: (on Pittsburgh where she filmed the movie She's Out of My League (2010)) The people were very welcoming. We just descended on the city—like 100 of us—and no one complained.

    • Alice: (on the question if she dated out of her league in an interview about her movie She's Out of My League (2010)) All that stuff is subjective anyway. What people find attractive differs. If a guy likes a girl with dark hair, then I'm not a 10 for him.

    • Alice: (on her She's Out of My League (2010) co-star Jay Baruchel) He told me from the start that I wasn't out of his league. He made it very clear.

    • Alice: (on her personality) I'm a girl's girl. I love to hang out with boys - I've got brothers - but I'm a girl's girl, in all the ways you can be girlie. Nails and chats and gossip magazines and reality TV and pop culture... Did going to Oxford and reading Paradise Lost change that? No.

    • Alice: (on her perception of cultural differences between US and UK) You know, we're divided by a common language, even though we're meant to have been from the same place. There is a definite shift when I get on the plane and I land. It's very Puritan in America, and it's a different culture in England and much more European in its belief system. In the United States, it's quite strict.

    • Alice: (on her role of Edgar Allan Poe's lover in the movie The Raven (2012)) I did literature at university, so I had a real relationship with poetry, but they don't make many films about the life of a poet. When I read the script, I thought, This is just amazing - because it wasn't indulgent. It allowed itself to have a thrilling aspect.

    • Alice: (on what she's very bad at) Sitting down and consoling someone when they have a minor cut like a paper cut. It obviously hurts, but it's the kind of pain that has no future - it has an end. I'm bad at biding that time with ooohs and aaaahs.

    • Alice: It was a great thing to grow up around the acting world and also question the transitory nature of it.

    • Alice: (when asked if David Schwimmer was an arse) He was lovely. It was a great thing. We had a great time but we did fight. I mean, Simon was an arsehole. (Looks at Pegg) You were sometimes.

    • Alice: (on her first scene with Simon Pegg in The Big Nothing(2006)) Oh my god, I mean who the fuck scheduled that!? It was like the most evil thing. I'm like, "Hi nice to meet you Simon", then the direction is, "OK, you sit on him naked and bounce". That was some baptism of fire. But hell, it's been a good shoot, so maybe sex is a good way to start!

    • Alice: (on her role in The Big Nothing (2006)) Roles like Josie are without a doubt rare. I'm lucky. Unless you've made a name for yourself and you can seek them out and get them made, parts like this for women are just hard to come by. Especially for young women - you're often the love interest or you are wearing a corset, but with this there's huge scope.

    • Alice: (on why she went into acting) My father is an actor and I have always been surrounded by actors and actresses and to be quite honest I have never contemplated doing anything else.

    • Alice: I never had the chance to panic about not acting, and I think [that] if I had, I'd probably stop.

    • Alice: (on doing the play Rock 'n' Roll and the film Crossing Over (2009) in the US) It's nice to have two things now to come into America with, because I know who I am in England, but to come into America with two things like that is nice.

    • Alice: (on her parents insisting that she go to college) I was furious but I can't thank them enough now for making me go.

    • Alice: (on playing Alice in Tom Stoppard's play Rock and Roll and in the movie Starter For Ten) There's nothing weird about playing a character called Alice. It's just that I played two characters in a row with my name. I used to joke that it was unimaginative casting.

    • Alice: The tween years are the time you fall into line with the culture you're in and so I identified much more with being a Los Angelean than I did with being a Londoner. The girls at school wouldn't let me talk in an English accent because they didn't understand me. I had to learn their way of speaking, and it's served me well as an actress.

    • Alice: (on her philosophy) I don't have one. Whatever works for the moment.

    • Alice: (on the best age) The age you are as it's the only thing that exists.

    • Alice: (on what people should take more notice) Global warming. I think we really need a government that tells us what to do. It's chronic. I was in New York late November and it was 70 degrees.

    • Alice: There is an acting gene that has been passed down to me by my parents. It's nature, not nurture.