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  • Great actress.

    Too thin. Great.
  • She's the first reason I started watching All My Children. She really looks like she could be Susan Lucci's daughter. I was really in awe by the similarity that I watched on to see if she had the same talent as Lucci. Minshew's not that bad.

    As Kendall Hart in All My Children, Alicia Minshew brings to the show a strong female lead role. She is able to turn on the waterworks in a moment's notice, can be headstrong, and be a pain in the butt all in the span of one episode. All tv show types and movies are different from each other. Soap dramas are different in that the actors/actresses are given a weekly script, they have to be all overdramatic, and no one knows when they're going to die. Also, they have to look into space and act all anxious when the show goes to a commercial and the music comes on. Minshew does a great job and handles being married to a much older man (Zach) on the show.
  • I think you have turn out ok with everything you have been though and you turn out the way you did,i'm glad you are having your baby so you can show your mother how to be good to your child and stay out of your childs life,be good to you.

    you are a good person and you need to stay away from J.R and raise your baby with Zack and hope you stay on AMC for a long time and don't let your ex have any thing to do with the baby and raise it on your own and Zacks and lit Zack have have hands on with your son