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  • Not the best actress but...

    I still love her.Beautiful. Love her in all the music videos she has done.
  • A lovely actress!

    I love this actress! I have seen her on Braceface, and she was very good as Sharon Spitz. I actually thought she was a teenager. She was very good at playing the voice of a thirteen to fourtee-year-old girl! I honestly think she deserves more credit then she gets. All these wonderful actors and actresses never get enought credit and recognition for their work, and they really deserve it. Hey, it's not easy being a celebrity, and the job can be difficult. I think Alicia Silverstone works very hard at her job. If she didn't, would she be this good? Give the poor thing more credit.
  • From Clueless, she is way more talented than those other freaks in it.

    From Clueless, she is way more talented than those other freaks in it. Alicia Silverstone is really pretty and a really good actress. I like her a lot and this is only her fourth review! More people should write reviews about her. She won the most awards more than any female in some award show (Emmys, Oscars, Academy Awards, VMAS, Teen Choice, KCA, Grammys, I dunno) She is a really good actress and should be in more films soon. I think she has good potential but I also feel that some other actresses could out do Alicia Silverstone by a long shot.
  • Great looks and great acting talent, she should be hollywoods number 1 actress

    My first crush was on beutiful Alicia and she's still one of the most attractive women ive ever seen shame she's married to the wrong bloke! .
    After all the major success of her early career starring in clueless and excess baggage( as well as those famous Aerosmith videos), she seems to have quietoned down on the film front of late which seems a real shame as she does have great acting ability to go with those looks she's been blessed with.
    She also was the first person who really got me intrested in the idea of veganism and after trying it out after hearing all of the benefits of it im glad to say its the best thing ive ever done!
    Any one know of any future plans she has film or tv wise?
  • Very talented actress

    I really like Alicia Silverstone. She can really get the audience to watch her and get into the movie that she is in. And I think that she is very talented in everything that she has been in, including Blast from the Past and Beauty Shop. She proved she can drop it like its hot!
  • This was my first ever crush i had on a movie actress, i was really head-over heel in love with her, crazy i know. i really like her very much i definatly still fancy her. you can never forget ur first crush and i never will

    Maybe i'm bised because i fancy her but i really like her as actress, when i first saw her in clueless , i search her name on the internet and found loads of pictures of her.

    i have kinda of grown-out of her because she hardly make any good movie but i loved her in 'Blast From The Past', i thought she stunning. Excess baggage was ok movie but the only reason why i liked that movie was because of her.

    She did have a show called Miss-match which i'm looking forward to seeing however i heard it got cancelled in the first season. i am so disappointed about that.

    i like her as an actress and i think she lovely.