Alicia Ziegler

Alicia Ziegler


5/2/1981, Oxnard, California, USA

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    • Alicia: Soaps are very quick, you have to get the episodes done.

    • Alicia: The scenes I was in were going to be taping in exactly a week. I got the script two days after I got the call. I ran to the mailbox and I was so excited.

    • Alicia (about working with the cast on Passions): It's everything I hoped for and more. Everyone was so welcoming.

    • Alicia: I definitely want to keep in touch with the people on Passions because they're all so great.

    • Alicia (about auditioning for Passions): They actually had me come in and audition for three different roles, each was one of Theresa's friends.

    • Alicia (about working with the cast on Passions): Everyone really reached out. Everyone wanted to chat, get to know you, and help you out.

    • Alicia (about taping her scenes on Passions): During dry blocking I met Brook, Lindsay, and Galen. It was really fun to meet them because they were all really sweet. It was early in the morning and you expect people to be crabby. But they were so nice, helpful, and ready to work.

    • Alicia: (about taping her scenes on Passions) I went to wardrobe and they fitted me for cold weather gear. That was funny because it was warm outside, we're in California. But I got a beautiful sweater, jacket, and gloves.

    • Alicia: (about getting the role on Passions) They called my manager when I happened to be there and said I got the part of Carol. I was so excited. I shouted in the background.

    • Alicia: (about taping her scenes on Passions) I went over to makeup and hair. They asked where I was supposed to be coming from and I said I was supposed to be coming from tennis practice with Whitney. So they put my hair in a braid.

    • Alicia: (about taping her scenes on Passions) My call time was 7:30am. Nice and early! I went straight to the stage manager and signed in.

    • Alicia: I was nervous about finding where I was going. But once I saw everything that said Passions, I was really excited! The night before [the shoot] I was trying to remember the order of the lines. I wanted to be organized!