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    • Alimi: I will never forget working with Cuba Gooding Jr., ever. Ever. Ever.

    • Alimi: (When asked how good he was at math) I think I'm average, in all honesty. [Laughs] I'm a guy who was like a C, B student. I was good at it, but I had no passion for it.

    • Alimi: (On playing his character on 'Numb3rs') I love that! We kick in doors and blow things up! I hate to be a kid about that, but me and Dylan [Bruno], man, we get to fly through windows and stuff. We're the first ones in. I'm a guy who grew up watching kung-fu movies — Bruce Lee is one of my idols — so that kind of physical stuff is exciting, especially as it relates to them catching criminals.

    • Alimi: (On 'Numb3rs') It was smart and it was well crafted in a way that it didn't feel like these odd pieces coming together. I was impressed by that alone. This was the only thing that I read that pilot season and I was like, 'I really hope I get this!'

    • Alimi: (On 'Numb3rs') The first time I got my hands on this script, that was the first I had heard about this project. And when I read it I saw that it was so tight, the weaving together of these math geniuses and the way they see the world in numbers — the way the wind moves, the trajectory of birds, all these calculations and equations overlapping with how FBI guys see serial killers, how they view the world in what people are doing and their intentions. I was very impressed. I was like, 'Whoa! Who wrote this?!'