Alisa Reyes

Alisa Reyes


2/3/1981, New York City, New York, USA

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Alisa Samuela Reyes


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Alisa Reyes, a 22 year old New Yorker was most recently was seen as one of the newest stars of the hot daytime soap opera Passions on NBC! Alisa joined the cast of Passions the Summer of 2003 in the role of "Sydney (Syd) Valentine". The character of…more


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    • Alisa: I have a huge love for music and the music that I sing. Acting has always been my baby. I know that a lot of you must think where is Alisa's music, when is that moment going to happen when she drops us a hot one? It's coming but it's all about timing and making the sound that I feel best represents me.

    • Alisa: I have a few different sounds. I have some rock-pop styles and then I have that club feel. One of my favorite artists is Fergie. How she has all kinds of styles to me is the bomb! I can sing many different styles of music but I like dance-pop the best.

    • Alisa: (On what encouraged her to take up extreme boat racing) I started off as the spokes person for a company called SuperBoat International. I test drove a 29 footer for the first time in KeyWest. I loved it because it was such a rush. The boat was like my new best friend. It was the speed and the thrill that did it for me. Since then I continued on with speed boat driving and started a team. Now I race when I get the chance while I am not shooting.

    • Alisa: (On what she does to avoid stress) I try and hang out with my friends, being around positive people are vital for me. I try and take a minute to myself and relax. Having alone time is helpful so you can get yourself balanced.

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