Alisan Porter





6/20/1981 , Worcester, Massachusetts

Birth Name




Alisan Porter was born in Worcester Massachusetts and has been singing and performing since the age of three. She began her career in New York City doing commercials and was discovered singing in a hotel lobby by the talent scout of Star Search. At age five she became a junior vocalist champion on Star Search and was the youngest singer ever to appear and win on the show. Alisan came to Hollywood to begin acting and by the age of nine she had landed roles in films such as 'Parenthood', 'I Love You to Death', and 'Stella'. However, her big break came when she was cast as the lead in the 1991 John Hughs film 'Curly Sue.' Alisan won the Youth in Film Award for her performance in Curly Sue and received wonderful reviews all over the world. In 1994, at the age of 13, Alisan decided to take a break from acting and she moved with her family to Westport, Ct. In Connecticut Alisan became a member of the coveted Staples Players, a high school theater group of professional caliber. There Alisan was the lead in many shows such as 'West Side Story', 'Company', and 'Oklahoma'. It was then that she realized that her dream wasn't to be on the screen but on the stage. At the age of 18, Alisan moved to New York City to audition for Broadway shows. Within three months she was cast as Urleen in the musical production of 'Footloose'. She then moved back to Los Angeles to reach her main goal, a career in music. She has spent the last three years writing, producing and singing in the studio and has worked with many people such as Universal recording artist and writer Clark Anderson and Walter Affisasief. This year has been the most rewarding for Alisan because of the formation of her band, 'The Raz'. She is writing the music she truly feels and wants to perform. The Raz is currently working on their first album and are playing gigs all over the Los Angeles area. Alisan truly believes that this is her calling and hopes The Raz follows in the footsteps of the greatest bands to date.