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    • Alisen: (About her mother) She always said, 'Alisen, you have a job, you don't need another job. You're an actor, don't quit, don't quit.' She's an amazing woman.

    • Alisen: I feel like I've done some courageous things and I remember that on the days when I'm not feeling so courageous.

    • Alisen: I haven't been arrested, ever. See, that's why I practice the violin instead of going to parties.

    • Alisen: I believe in the strength of the soul to come back to give us comfort. I don't believe in a hell. I do believe you should try to be the best person you can be and life teaches us that.

    • Alisen: I dressed up as a bunch of grapes for a wine fest in 1997, right when I got back to Vancouver. People kept grabbing my grapes.