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  • Trivia

    • Alison is the sister of writer/actor Stefan Arngrim.

    • Alison received an award from The National Association to Protect Children in December 2006.

    • In one of her stand-up comedy routines she described playing Nellie Oleson "like having PMS for seven years".

    • Her parents are Thor Arngrim and Norma MacMillan.

    • Alison is a stand-up comedian.

    • On January 8, 2008, Alison Arngrim was named one of Mr. Blackwell's "Ten Worst Dressed" Women of the Year.

    • She is on the national advisory committee of the National Association to Protect Children. She has spoken in the media about her own experiences as a victim of child sexual abuse and helped lobby on behalf of a California law toughening sentences against abusers who victimize family members.

    • Alison Arngrim stands at 5'4" tall.

    • Following the AIDS-related death of her Little House On The Prairie husband, actor Steve Tracy, she began working as an AIDS activist. She regularly volunteered at AIDS Project Los Angeles and at Tuesday's Child, a family-oriented AIDS organization.

    • Alison Arngrim is a vegetarian.

    • She originally auditioned for the roles of Laura and Mary Ingalls on Little House On The Prairie.

    • Alison often fainted while on the set of Little House On The Prairie because it was in California's Simi Valley, where the temperature was almost always over 100 degrees.

    • After leaving Little House On The Prairie, she worked as a poster model for three years.

    • Despite being rivals on the show, Alison Arngrim and Melissa Gilbert are very good friends.

    • Alison Arngrim is an activist for molested children.

    • Alison was 96 on Vh1's 100 Greatest Kid Stars.

    • Alison's "Nellie Oleson curls" were actually a wig, that was held to her head so tightly that her scalp often bled.

    • Alison refers to her character, Nellie Oleson, as "the living embodiment of PMS."

    • She married her second husband Robert Paul Schoonover on November 6, 1993. They are currently still together.

    • She married her first husband Donald Mark Spencer on April 8, 1989. They divorced four years later on April 8, 1993.

    • Although Alison eventually went on to portray the deliciously evil Nellie Oleson very authentically in Little House on the Prairie, Alison's co-stars have said that she wasn't as confident in the beginning. Melissa Sue Anderson—who played Mary Ingalls on the show—said in an interview that Alison was very shy and intimidated by the camera at first, and it was difficult getting her to lift her eyes from the floor. Fortunately, she eventually got into her groove and played the role well.

    • Alison likes to cook. In the Season 6 DVD commentary Alison said people won't come to her house because of the way Nellie cooked on the show.

  • Quotes

    • Alison Arngrim: (about boy bands) The last decent fake band was "The Monkees". It's been downhill from there.

    • Alison Arngrim: (about piercings) And speaking of horrible fads....OUCH! I didn't get my ears pierced till I was 21, and I almost passed out then. Count me as one of the people who won't be setting off metal detectors at airports.

    • Alison Arngrim: (about plastic surgery) Can't anybody just leave themselves alone anymore? None of it ever looks real, and the fake boobs can actually kill you. I pray for the day this fad ends.

    • Alison Arngrim: Other guys I also think are cute: Brendan Fraser, Orlando Bloom, and David Bowie. Yeah, I've got really weird taste in men. Wanna make something of it?

    • Alison Arngrim: (about Melissa Gilbert) Everyone thinks that she is my mortal enemy. I swear, to this day, people are still asking me, "So, do you really hate her? Do you still see her?" What people find almost impossible to believe is that she's practically like my baby sister. If you're going to play people like that on a show, where you're smacking each other in the head all the time, you're going to have to become friends, and Melissa and I became friends the first day. We both wanted a friend on set, someone to be like a sister to us, and we hit it off right away. To this day, it's as if we're related. We grew up together. We share so many memories, and so many things in our minds, that are the same.

    • Alison Arngrim: (about playing Nellie Oleson) I'll tell you, I have a heck of a time with grown adults who are still utterly convinced that I must be the biggest bitch in the world to have played that part!

    • Alison Arngrim: I'm one of the few child stars you'll ever meet who hasn't been to Betty Ford, posed nude for Playboy, shot my drug dealer or held up a video store. Melissa Gilbert and I were at a party once, and we talked about what's happening to all the child stars from Diff'rent Strokes. I've never felt that Dana Plato or Todd Bridges were wrapped real tight. I remember how on the set of Little House, they told us over and over again, "Don't play with the children from Diff'rent Strokes.

    • Alison Arngrim: (about if she's friends with Melissa Gilbert, who played Laura on "Little House") Yup. Loved her then, love her now. So you can stop asking me if I really hate her in real life. Sheesh. It was a TV show, people. People still think I'm really Nellie, that I tease stuttering children and make fun of crippled people. I once got hit in the head by a cup of orange soda during the Hollywood Christmas parade. I've had people tell me, "I hate you for what you did to Laura!"

    • Alison Arngrim: I am now married to a very nice man, 13 years older than I am, who doesn't think I'm too young at all. He has long hair, enjoys lime jello, reads science fiction and is half Sicilian. They say certain preferences are set early in life. I wouldn't know.

    • Alison Argrim: Who did I have a crush on during Little House? Well, everyone on Little House was very good looking, but most of them were sort of like brothers or uncles to me, so I didn't even think about most of them romantically. I also tended to hang out with the crew, so most of my crushes were on the prop men or the key grip. I had been told to avoid actors, anyway.

    • Alison Arngrim: No, Michael Landon wasn't like a father to me. He wasn't like Pa Ingalls at all; he was more like a deranged older brother. He was kind of crazy, actually. He loved to pour things over my head or dump me in a lake. Michael was a very nice man--and brilliant--but he was married three times. He wasn't living with Ma Ingalls in a little wooden house. He created that image on television, and the public tapped into it. He liked to tell obscene jokes. He wasn't at all like the character he played on TV.