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  • Anglo/American comedienne Alison Larkin is brilliant, original, charming amd funny. Her one woman show The English American, headed for New York, is a MUST SEE. .

    Finally a comedienne who makes you laugh, cry, feel and think. I have had the pleasure of seeing Alison Larkin perform on stage, both on Broadway, at Circle in the Square, and in her one woman tour-de-force The English American,at the Bickford Theatre on New Year\'s Eve. The show, which she also wrote, is headed Off-Broadway in the 2006/2007 season.

    On the night I saw it, the audience of 350 rose to its feet and cheered. Here, at last, is an uplifting, genuinely brilliant writer/performer with something important to say.

    What does her extroardinary one woman show say? Many things. Larkin was adopted at birth and raised in the UK by British parents. The English American is a comedy - and ultimately a love letter from Alison to her adoptive parents, in which she shows why she needed to find the American birth parents she came from. B

    ut make no mistake, it also appeals to anyone who knows anything about the great Anglo American divide. Witty, intelligent, gloriously light, Larkin refuses to play the victim, or tread the same territory as countless others writing about the subject of adoption and reunion. She is an entertainer, first and formost. I adore her. If the Gods of Entertainment are watching, she is destined for great things. You heard it here first.

    Howard Foxwellmoreless