Alison Quinn





3/26/1974 , Detroit, MI

Birth Name

Alison Quinn




Alison Quinn's wide and eclectic talents range from acting in theatre, television and film to writing and improvisation. Her television credits include "Significant Others," MTV's "Who Knows the Band?," "Chefs in the City" and "Gotham." She has also performed in several independent films, including "Sally," "The Girl Behind the Door," "The Half of It," "Sweet Tooth" (which she also wrote), "Chances Are," "Bettina: Sex Kitten" and "Four Corners of Nowhere."

"Good Girls Wear White, I Wear Seafoam," Quinn's critically-acclaimed one-person show, was the overall winner of "15 Minutes of Fem 3." An accomplished stage performer, her other theatre credits are "All's Well That Ends Well," "Blood Wedding" and "Boy's Life." She also wrote and performed in the plays "Arranged Marriage" and "Dream Weaver."

A graduate of Improv Olympic West and currently studying at the Groundlings in Los Angeles, Quinn has been a member of several improv teams, including "The Uhlfelders," "Thunderbadd," "Lucky Ham" and "Fantasy Princess Camp." She has also done several specialty shows at Improv Olympic West, including "Jeff Garlin's Combo Platter."

Quinn graduated from the acclaimed William Esper Studio in New York City and currently studies with John Osbourne Hughes. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film from The University of Michigan and a language diploma from the Alliance Française in Paris. In addition, she is skilled in stand-up comedy, French, dialects, Victorian and Edwardian styles, as well as in tango and waltz dance forms.