Alison Sweeney

Alison Sweeney


9/19/1976, Los Angeles, CA

Birth Name

Alison Ann Sweeney



Also Known As

Alison Sweeny, Alison Jane Sweeney
  • Dolvett Quince, Alison Sweeney, Anna Kou...
  • Dolvett Quince, Alison Sweeney, Anna Kou...
  • Alison Sweeney on The Biggest Loser.
  • Alison Sweeney on The Biggest Loser.
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On January 6th, 1993, Alison Sweeney joined the cast of the Emmy Award-winning, NBC-TV series Days of Our Lives as Sami Brady -- the scheming, sassy, clever, and sometimes dangerous daughter of Dr. Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall). In the U.S., Days of Our Lives is viewed by more…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Alison gave birth to daughter Megan Hope at 12 minutes to midnight Monday, January 12. Megan weighed in at 6lbs, 7oz.

    • Alison worked with Ellen Degeneres to surprise a Days of Our Lives fan after her book inspired the fan to lose 90 lbs.

    • According to co-star James Scott, Alison is really good in food fights. She got Christie Clark (ex-Carrie, Days of Our Lives) in the eye with a piece of cake. The shot was so good, Scott admitted he thought Christie would have blue dye coming out of her eye for a week.

    • Alison has been known to have very good aim, which worked to her advantage during her food fight scene with Arianne Zuker and Nadia Bjorlin in an episode of Days of Our Lives.

    • Alison revealed that she is expecting her second child during an episode of The Biggest Loser saying that in a season all about family, hers is about to get bigger.

    • Alison presented the award for "Best Supporting Actor" in the 2008 Daytime Emmy Awards with Days of Our Lives co-stars Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe) and Arianne Zucker (Nicole).

    • Alison has MySpace and uses it to keep in touch with some of the contestants of The Biggest Loser.

    • She has worked out with all of the contestants on The Biggest Loser.

    • Alison says that from day one she was invested in the lives of the contestants on The Biggest Loser because it was impossible not to care.

    • Alison hosted the Matthew Shepard Foundation Honors in Los Angeles in November of 2007.

    • Alison says the hottest soap alumnus is Jensen Ackles (who played her brother, Eric, on Days of Our Lives).

    • Alison once had a scene with Days of Our Lives co-star Bryan R. Dattilo which took eighteen takes to complete.

    • While filming Colleen Brady's storyline on Days of Our Lives she couldn't get the song "Like a Prayer" by Madonna out of her head.

    • Alison's favorite cocktail is a margarita.

    • Alison is a big fan of the Harry Potter books and movies.

    • Alison is friends with figure skater Scott Hamilton and his wife, Tracie.

    • Alison has publicly struggled with her weight, and though she was never more than fifteen pounds above average, she lost out on many roles because of her size.

    • Alison plays basketball with past and present Days of Our Lives co-stars, such as James Reynolds (Abe).

    • In 1997 there was an article in Tv Guide proclaiming that Alison was "breaking all the rules" and that her "appeal was both surprising and encouraging."

    • Growing up, the Sweeney siblings had a system for keeping each other in line. The elder sibling(s) would tell the younger one that he or she had been left at the Sweeney home by gangsters; and that if the younger sibling didn't behave, the elder sibling would take him/her back to prison.

    • Alison and Days of Our Lives co-star Christie Clark (ex-Carrie) were filming a scene in which Carrie had to slap Sami, but instead of faking the shot, Christie accidentally hit Alison quite hard. She fell backwards into the piano and was completely surprised. This was the cut that ended up being aired.

    • Alison is a huge basketball fan and admits that she was completely starstruck when she got to meet Shaquille O'Neal.

    • Alison loves to read. She also participates in a book group which consists of members who are all from the entertainment industry, including Arianne Zucker (ex-Nicole, Days of Our Lives).

    • Alison easily made friends anywhere but at school. Sometimes she would get home and cry hysterically because she thought no one liked her.

    • Alison never drank or did drugs as a teen because she was so busy with school, homework and acting that she didn't even realize other students were doing it until she was a senior.

    • Alison was a sophomore in high school before she first kissed a boy. In fact, her first television kiss came sooner on I Married Dora.

    • Alison's favorite game as a child was to take turns making up sentences to a story.

    • Alison usually shops with her girlfriends, though she says sometimes her husband will come along so the trip becomes shorter and she spends less money.

    • Alison tries not to plan too far into the future or set too high of expectations so that she does not get overwhelmed. Her priority is to spend as much time as possible with her son.

    • Every morning, Alison first does push-ups with her baby lying under her. Then Ali does sit-ups with Ben lying on her chest for resistance. After that, she lifts and lowers him overhead to work her triceps. She credits her son with being a fantastic motivation.

    • Alison hosted a Mother's Day special on SoapNet in 2007, during which she spoke about life as a parent and showed three classic episodes of Days of Our Lives. It was called You've Got a Mother Thing Coming.

    • Alison loves musicals.

    • Alison modelled in a 2007 Max Factor fashion show, but following Carmen Electra's lead, she fell on during her trip down the runway.

    • Alison loves avocados and has an avocado tree in her backyard.

    • Alison loves to cook. She has cooked for her husband since they first began dating, and claims she is inspired by Martha Stewart. She notes her appearance on Martha's show as one of the highlights of being part of the entertainment business.

    • Alison actually thought that she had blown the screen test for Days of Our Lives because she was obsessing over how to close the door behind her when she came onto the set. It was because of her former co-star Patrick Muldoon (ex-Austin) that she was able to make it through.

    • Alison was a big fan of Days of Our Lives even before she won the role of Sami Brady.

    • Alison attended the Indy 500 Festival for 2007.

    • When Alison is feeling very tense, she listens to classical music to calm her nerves.

    • Ghirardellie milk chocolate is Alison's chocolate of choice.

    • Alison loves to do arts and crafts, especially for holiday decoration.

    • Alison moved to a home closer to the Days of Our Lives studio so that she could spend more time with her son.

    • Alison admits to being somewhat superstitious, though not as much as her Days Of Our Lives character, Sami.

    • Alison went to see the premiere of Evan Almighty with former co-star Kyle Brandt.

    • Alison is most afraid of what she describes to be "creepy crawly things," such as spiders and snakes.

    • It was Alison's dentist who helped her to realize that she was not living a healthy lifestyle, after he told her that her teeth were rotting due to all of the sugar she consumed.

    • Alison has revealed she admires certain qualities in her Days Of Our Lives character, Sami, such as the fact she goes after what she wants and never says never.

    • Alison has mentioned frequently on Soap Talk how intimidating it was that Lisa Rinna (ex-Billie) was watching her screen test when she was first starting out on Days of Our Lives.

    • Alison appeared on Tales From the Darkside twice as a different character each time. Both characters were named Karen. She loves being recognized for that job.

    • In 2007, Alison appeared on 1 vs. 100 with fellow Days of Our Lives stars Julie Pinson and Bryan R. Dattilo. Alison struck out after the first question, because she thought the price of mailing a standard envelope was still thirty-seven cents, instead of thirty-nine.

    • Commencing in August of 2006, Alison began directing an internet series called In Tune. She is very interested in directing and has begun to direct screen tests on the set of Days of Our Lives.

    • As of 2007, Alison has been nominated for seven Soap Opera Digest Awards and has won five. She was also nominated for two Young Artist Awards.

    • In 2002, Alison won a Daytime Emmy Award under the category of "Special Fan Award."

    • Alison enjoys watching The Sopranos, Charmed, The West Wing, Law and Order and Grey's Anatomy.

    • Alison's most common nickname is Ali.

    • Alison's favorite Days of Our Lives storyline, in terms of serious acting, was when her character, Sami, was on death row.

    • Alison has revealed she cries every time she sees the movie When a Man Loves a Woman.

    • Alison has revealed she can tell the difference between diet Coke and diet Pepsi. Once, in New Mexico, she paid some one $20 to go out of the hotel to get her a diet coke because she wanted one so badly.

    • Alison's brother used to hit her on the arm when they were children, but she has revealed that she would egg him into it, knowing he would get into trouble.

    • Alison has revealed she doesn't like Evian water and thinks it is disgusting.

    • Alison has a habit of tapping the top of a pop can with her fingernail before opening it.

    • Alison is a big fan of reality television and believes Jeff Probst from Survivor is the best reality show host.

    • Alison describes her dressing room as a pig sty.

    • Alison joined Kyle Brandt for his podcast on June 11, 2007.

    • Alison admits she says "whatever" a lot, and says that she would like to drop that habit.

    • Alison is good friends with her Days of Our Lives co-stars, including Arianne Zucker (ex-Nicole) and Kyle Lowder (ex-Brady).

    • Alison only ever back-talked someone once, and the girl that she'd been talking about overheard what she said. She felt so badly that she never did it again.

    • When Alison first appeared on Days of Our Lives she got her script signed by the cast and gave it to her cousin, who was a devoted fan of the show.

    • Alison's husband, David Sanov, has once appeared on Days of Our Lives in the role of a police officer.

    • In 2003, Alison appeared in print ads for Xenadrine Diet Weight Loss Supplement. Alison has also appeared in a commercial for McDonald's, as well as two for Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies.

    • Alison's television debut was at the age of 5 in a Kodak advertisement.

    • In 2002, Alison appeared on celebrity Fear Factor, where she had to lie in a coffin filled with worms and scorpions.

    • Alison's height is 5' 4" (1.63m)

    • Alison is a dog lover and has three chihuahuas - Consuella, Frida & Paco.

    • Alison has written an autobiography, entitled All The Days of My Life (So Far).

    • Alison won the Viewer's Choice Award for "Favorite Villain" at the 29th Annual Daytime Emmys.

    • Alison has won a Soap Opera Digest Award four times (1996, '98, '99 and 2001).

    • Alison enjoys playing most sports, especially softball, volleyball and basketball. She is also an accomplished water skier and a keen inline skater.

    • Alison's mother is an accomplished violinist.

    • Alison received a Daytime Emmy for 'America's Favourite Villain' for her role in Days Of Our Lives.

    • As her character, Sami, on Days Of Our lives, she has had to deal with such controversial storylines as date rape, bulimia, teen pregnancy and capital punishment.

    • Alison enjoys kickboxing and swimming as ways to keep in shape. She is also devoted to doing Yoga and boasts she can do a perfect back handspring.

    • Alison's passions are riding her horse and dancing.

    • In July 2006, Alison and Dave's Chihuahua, Paco, went missing. The couple offered a $1000 reward for Paco's safe return on

    • Alison has two brothers, Ryan (older) and Sten (younger).

    • Alison took her Days Of Our Lives co-star Bryan Dattilo to her senior prom.

    • Alison was an undergraduate at UCLA, taking business classes after work each night.

    • Alison was the champion of the 'Daytime Stars' edition of The Weakest Link, after competing against fellow Days of Our Lives and Passions stars.

    • Alison can speak Spanish fluently.

    • Alison met her husband, highway patrol man, Dave Sanov, when she was very young because their parents were friends. However, they were not very close since they only saw each other a few times a year. They were much older when they began to date and eventually married on 8 July 2000. They have one child, Benjamin Edward, together. Ben was born on February 25, 2005. As of 2007, Alison and her family reside in Los Angeles.

    • Alison attended Polytechnic School in Pasadena, California.

    • Alison Sweeney appeared as a young Adriane Kiriakis in flashbacks on Days before she came on as Sami Brady. Adraine was played by Judi Evans, who now plays Bonnie Lochheart.

  • Quotes

    • Alison Sweeney: When we're having eliminations, sometimes you can smell the Craft Services guy making grilled cheese or, like, bacon. And you know bacon. You can smell bacon. And we're sitting there and we're all being so silent and so serious in the eimination room. And I'm like "We all know there's bacon being cooked in the next room!"

    • Alison: [On people knowing she was pregnant] As I joked with Ari on set last week, I'm glad everyone knows now, because now they all have to listen to me complain about Morning Sickness. Its been so difficult to deal with the nausea when you can't explain why you can't stand the smell of chicken.

    • Alison Sweeney: [On learning an Irish accent for 'Days of Our Lives] Accents are extremely difficult… for anyone. No matter what their heritage. My family is from Ireland, which is fun to think back on… and I have been to Ireland once, which was one of the coolest experiences ever. It is so beautiful there. I hope to go back one day. But none of that was at all useful to me in learning this accent. It just came down to spending hours studying, practicing and then more studying. Ben is now read all his bed-time stories with an Irish lilt.

    • Alison: My hat goes off to people who have two jobs all year round.

    • Alison Sweeney: (On Scott Reeves' band) Blue County, is just amazing. I am their #1 fan. If you like country music, you have to get their album! Also, they have a new single available on iTunes called 'I Get To', and it's got such a great message.

    • Alison Sweeney: I almost over-cooked dinner because I was all carried away with finishing my blog.

    • Alison Sweeney: (On filming arguments between Lucas and Sami) Bryan and I always enjoy Lumi's bickering especially when the writers really include the history of the characters.

    • Alison: I come home and I try to spend time with my son and figure out dinner, and then towards the end of the evening I try to… I like to know ahead of time how much I think its going to take me to memorize my dialogue.

    • Alison: I felt a new appreciation for my mother now that I am a mom. I understood so much more about how difficult it is. And, it was really neat for me to spend my first Mother's Day as a mom with my mom and to let her know how important she is to me and how lucky I was to have such a great mom.

    • Alison: Dave and I love to entertain. We love to have barbeques and friends over and family. I just love being able to say 'Oh yes, I just made scones yesterday, I have them in my pantry.'

    • Alison: (on her surprise purchase of a new house) Dave and I walked in the front door and we were immediately caught by the square-footage. It's a huge house and the living room has this beautiful raised ceiling and the light is coming in from tons of different windows.

    • Alison: (on her "Days of Our Lives" character, Sami) I love that Sami is really aggressive and doesn't give up. If she has a goal or an ambition, she goes after it. She needs other things in her life. If her goal was school or a career, the audience would cheer her on, but because it's her love life, they think she is selfish.

    • Alison: (on the support of 'Days of Our Lives' co-star Deidre Hall) I think Deidre could see that I was interested and eager to learn. So she was always receptive, always helpful, and definately someone I knew I could turn to. She'd offer advice, or give me an open-ended invitation to grill her with any question I had.

    • Alison: Everyone in the SafeSearching community are such fun, supportive people and it makes it such a pleasure to post and share my life and my work.

    • Alison: (on planning her son's birthday party) I'm trying not to be one of those mothers who goes completely over-board on the birthday party scene.

    • Alison: I am a ridiculously competitive person, and I'm not afraid to admit it! My friends always tease me about how I don't play any game just to play; I play to win.

    • Alison: My mom started riding horses when she was a little girl, so when I was little, she would take me with her to the barn where she rode. Unfortunately, it became clear that I had a strong allergy to horses, but I loved horses so much that I took allergy medicine to help me get through the lessons!

    • Alison: I've always thought of myself as being 'cute,' not 'sexy'. I'm a jeans and T-shirt kind of gal.

    • Alison: I have pretty wacky dreams. Way too often, I dream about work - nightmares about being late or forgetting all my lines. One time, I dreamt that I couldn't find my dressing room, and everyone was laughing of me.

    • Alison: (on what she enjoys getting for Valentine's Day) Beautiful flowers. And send them to work. I don't know any woman who wouldn't want to get them at work in front of all her friends.

    • Alison: (on her worst Valentine's Day) I had one boyfriend who had planned to take me to a restaurant for dinner and didn't know it would be busy that night. So, we get there, and it's totally booked up. We had the biggest fight because he had not planned at all and didn't have a backup plan. We had a disagreement on the street. I was like, 'Let's go to Jack In The Box because I'm hungry.'

    • Alison: Oh my gosh. I actually got a copy of Romeo and Juliet with pictures of me and James on the cover. It also said "Written by Hogan Sheffer." It was beautifully done! But the "Lumi" fans have also sent these great Lucas and Sami Christmas ornaments to us.

    • Alison: (on co-star James Scott) He is very good looking, with that James Bond thing he has going on.

    • Alison: (on Sami's plotlines throughout the years) The most frustrating thing is that there was no growth in my character. I am not opposed to Sami being a scheming villainess, but everybody learns from their mistakes. How much public humiliation can Sami suffer through before you think to yourself, "Maybe I shouldn't keep doing this."

    • Alison: (on whether she will write another book) Definitely! I always joke that in the next 27 years of my life I'll write another one.

    • Alison: Yeah, my mom thought it would be really cute for me to do a commercial when I was like four years old, and I fell in love with it. I had so much fun. It was something I was good at, and I always had a very vivacious, outgoing personality when I was a kid.

    • Alison: (on how having a child has changed her life) Oh, it's changed everything. First of all, having a child just totally changes your priorities in general. He is my first priority. As aggressive as I am and business minded, and I have all these sort of, I guess, dreams and ideas and stuff I'm really trying to work on, and it's really fun and I love my career, but it definitely takes a back seat to my relationship with my son. It gives me a whole new perspective and motivation to go out there and do good work. But at the same time it's all for him now rather than thinking about other stuff.

    • Alison: I feel when you're working as a soap actor, there's no real time for you to have attitude or to be young. I learned that right away that you can't be a kid here. When you're working on a show that does at least a complete show every day, and you have to know 30 pages of dialogue a day, then be ready to come in tomorrow and do the same thing again, nobody really wants you to be in the limelight entertaining yourself and messing around.

    • Alison: Being married is more wonderful than I could ever imagine.

    • Alison: I didn't go on a lot of dates or have a lot of boyfriends until I was twenty-one, I suppose.

    • Alison: (On her character of Sami Brady) You can't say she's randomly evil. Everyone knows Sami and whether you love her or hate her, it's fun to watch.

    • Alison: I was absolutely pressured by an entire industry to lose weight.

    • Alison: It's hard not to have chemistry with a very good-looking man.

    • Alison: (on playing a character that was pregnant on "Days Of Our Lives") It was creepy to think that this is going to happen to me someday. It was so soap: to go through four days of labor and then have a C-section.

    • Alison: At 16, I was like, 'Oh my God, I'm on Days of Our Lives.' Looking back, I can admit it was more the thrill of my job that kept me working at it. I've gotten past the novelty of being on TV. I've worked a lot all my life, but it was a sign that I was finally succeeding, and that was what kept me going.

    • Alison: (on the store 'Intuition') It's one of my favorite stores in L.A. I love their cute summer clothes and new jewelry designer Saylor Sage's necklaces.

    • Alison: Friends was so fun! Matt and Jennifer were awesome to work with. I liked being "funny" for a change.

    • Alison: (on hosting "The Biggest Loser") They approached me out of the blue. I'm really excited about it. I love the show! I definitely haven't been shy talking about my weight issues. I hope that does make me an emphatic and supportive host.