Alison Viktorin

Alison Viktorin


2/1/1981, Houston, Texas (Argyle, TX hometown)

Birth Name

Alison Ruth Retzloff



Also Known As

Alison Victorin, Alison Retzloff
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Alison has been involved in several voice acting roles in Funimation including the lead character Detective Conan in Case Closed, Amy in Burst Angel, and Viola in Kiddy Grade. Alison Retzloff grew up in Texas and then went to California Lutheran University for her Bachelor of Arts degree…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 2009, Alison started posting videos on Youtube about herself and her family life. Her mom also makes regular appearances.

    • Alison attended AnimeNEXT 2008 in Secaucus, New Jersey. This was her only convention appearance in 2008.

    • Alison's parents are Al and Sally Retzloff. Sally works as a staff member at the Argyle Independent School District High School in Argyle, Texas. Alison has also assisted in the district with various tasks.

      Alison has a brother Sam Retzloff, who is attending Indiana University and is a champion pole vaulter, and a sister Jenn Bledsoe.

    • When Alison started working at Funimation, she and her parents lived in Argyle, Texas, which is near the Dallas/Ft.Worth area.

    • Alison was listed as a Media Guest at AggieCon 36, a student-run sci-fi convention held at Texas A&M in College Station in 2005.

    • Alison was a guest of honor at the Anime Vegas 2004 convention held in Las Vegas, NV.

    • Alison's Favorites, according to her profile at one of the places she worked.
      Actor: Meg Ryan
      Book: Left Behind series
      Color: Green
      Drink: Shirley Temple
      Movie: Pure Luck
      TV: Will and Grace
      Music Artist: Sixpence None the Richer

    • Alison has done commercials and corporate videos for Radio Shack, 7-Eleven, Pier 1 Imports, Blockbuster Video, and Hasbro. She has also done commercials and corporate videos for media companies: Faith First, Primedia Productions, PGC Advertising, Reel FX, and Funimation.

    • Before getting involved with voice acting, Alison appeared in a guest spot on a local television program called Norma's Place where she played a Magician's Assistant.

    • Alison is represented by the Mary Collins Agency, located in Dallas, Texas.

    • Alison's ethnic heritage is "German, and a bit of Danish".

    • Alison worked as a hostess at Pin-Up Golf, located in Southern California. The company specializes in having beautiful women help out with charity and fundraising golfing events.

    • Alison has an English Bulldog.

    • On August 27, 2005, Alison married Dustin Viktorin, who's an accountant from the Dallas, Texas area. They have a son.

    • Alison voices Drew Baxter, the main boy in the BOZ, The Green Bear Next Door series. BOZ is a DVD video series that educates preschoolers and shares lessons about faith and family.

    • Alison's stats according to her talent agency:
      Height: 5'0"
      Hair: Blonde/Brown
      Eyes: Green
      Weight: 97 lb
      Dress size: 0
      Blouse size: xs/s
      Slacks size: 0
      Shoes: 5½-6

  • Quotes

  • A great voice actress! One of my top 10!

    The very first thing I ever saw Alison Viktorin in was Case Closed, as Conan Edagowa. In that show, she made a stunning performance; one of many actually. From that show, I explored the other shows that she starred in; From Sasami, the young witch from Sasami Magical Girl's Club to Young Thor and Rai, the twins boys dropped on Chimera in Jyu-Oh-Sei to Fumika and Fuuka, the twin girls from Negima. No matter what show she is in, she is always in character and displays her character well. In my opinion, she is one of the funniest and greatest voice actresses.moreless