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Born in 1966, Alison Wall is a Kiwi actress who has become quite a fan favourite on the show Xena Warrior Princess, and appears in five episodes. Alison also appeared on Young Hercules and did some of the voices for the feature Hercules and Xena:The Battle for Mount…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Alison had done improv work with Kevin Smith before they appeared together in the Xena episode "The Quill Is Mightier...". She felt that made the comic elements of the episode much easier, since they were able to anticipate each other.

    • Alison acted in a one-woman stage show called Blossom in New Zealand in 2000 to rave reviews. She played seven charcters, and she led the audience on a journey of the imagination from New Zealand to Morocco.

    • When asked which part she would have liked to play on Xena Alison answered Callisto, but then she laughed and said that since the villainesses were always gorgeous she was glad for the chance to play the comic role of Minya.

    • Alison has performed on Radio New Zealand to read children's stories on the show Storytime. The story she read was called "Gone Away Hide Away".

    • When Alison left high school she was accepted into both drama school and art school, and had to decide which to pursue. She chose drama school, but still enjoys creating art in various forms.

    • Alison's character Minya on Xena was meant to be a one-shot. But she was so popular Alison was asked to return three more times over the next two seasons. She also returned in the sixth season playing a new character.

    • Alison knew Lucy Lawless long before she guest starred on the Xena episode "A Day in the Life". They had performed together on the show Funny Business, and Alison had been invited over to Lucy's house for dinner a number of times over the years, as well.

    • Alison knew Michael Hurst (Iolaus, Hercules) before he directed her on Xena. He was a teacher at her drama school, and he had acted with her and directed her in various theater productions as well.

    • Alison did more than just act on Xena and Young Hercules, she also did a great deal of voice over work. She really enjoyed this part of the production, because she never knew who's voice she would be called on to provide, and did everything from nymphs and Goddesses to ordinary people sitting in a bar.

    • Alison was given training by a whip expert from Uzbekistan who had been with the Moscow State Circus for her role as Minya on Xena.

    • Alison won an award for her appearance in the Xena episode "A Day in the Life". It was in the category "Best Supporting Actress" at the New Zealand Television Awards.

    • New Zealand actress Alison Wall was asked to audition for the comic role of Minya for the Xena episode "A Day in the Life" because of her past work in a pantomime with Michael Hurst, who was to direct it.

  • Quotes

    • Alison: I would have liked to have had a go at Callisto, but I`m not very good at fighting! I remember doing a play with Michael Hurst where I had to be the tough, butch one that everyone had to be frightened of. Michael is an expert on martial arts and things, and he had to teach me to punch properly and convincingly, because I`m such a coward! I remember that I had to punch three doors and slap people and stuff like that!

    • Alison: (on playing Minya on Xena) It was something of a glamour role, character-wise. Guys often have one eye or they're crusty or scruffy or weird. It was quite a nice character part.

    • Alison: (on using parts of herself when acting) In my solo show Blossom, for example, I have to play characters who are all completely different from each other. I`m sure that I`ve got a horrible, evil character in there somewhere, which would be quite fun to do sometime! But in some ways you`re tied to people perceiving you as the characters that you play.

    • Alison: Stage work is really what I love doing, although I`d like to do more television and film work. I think once you get familiar with acting for television, you really enjoy it. But the buzz from acting on stage is the buzz of energy, the audience`s laughter and the atmosphere that you can feel in the room. It`s like you know when it`s working and when you are in control of it.

    • Alison: I think the great thing about acting is that you can select certain aspects of yourself at different times but you can also change them.

    • Alison: I`ve realized the limitations of acting, because my work has been defined by what I look like. Most people can go and be a good computer expert or a good plumber or a good landscape gardener - it doesn`t matter what they look like. But it does with acting, because you may not look like a mother or a love interest.

    • Alison: I never watch myself, I hate seeing myself on screen so I`ve never seen the (Xena) episodes I was in. I did have to watch a little when I was doing the sound synching, and I thought I was terrible - so embarrassingly awful! I thought I`d let everyone down. But then I won an award for "A Day in the Life"! I was like, 'I can`t believe this!' It was a good lesson for me to shut up. But I always look at myself and go, 'Oh no!'