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Alistair has over twenty-five years experience as an actor in film, television, stage and radio. He has worked in New Zealand, Australia, and England.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Alistair's recent theatre credits include:
      (2013) Antony and Cleopatra "Antony", Victoria University Summer Shakespeare, dir. Alison Walls
      (2012) pURe "Will", Charlatan Clinic, dir. Melissa Fergusson
      (2011) Finding Murdoch "Geoff", Q Theatre, dir. Paul Gittens
      (2010) August: Osage County "Bill Fordham", Auckland Theatre Company, dir. Colin McColl
      (2010) Homeland "Paul", The Court Theatre, Christchurch, dir. Stephanie McKellar-Smith
      (2009) Anything Goes "Eli Whitney", The Court Theatre, Christchurch, dir. Sandra Rasmussen
      (2009) Collapsing Creation "Charles Darwin", James Hay Theatre, dir. Steve Whiting
      (2009) Heartbreak House "Hector Hushabye", The Court Theatre, Christchurch, dir. Elric Hooper
      (2009) A Midsummer Nights Dream "Theseus/Oberon", Christchurch Town Hall, dir. Elric Hooper
      (2009) The Gods of Warm Beer "Keith Holio", The Court Theatre, Christchurch
      (2007) Finding Murdoch "Jeff", Downstage Theatre, dir. Geraldine Brophy
      (2007) King Lear "Cornwall", Te Whaea and Fortune Theatre, dir. Davis Lawrence
      (2007) Othello "Matano", Downstage Theatre, dir. Jonathon Hendry
      (2007) The Graduate "Mr. Braddock", Downstage Theatre, dir. Cathie Downs
      (2006) Hitchcock Blond "Alex", Fortune Theatre, dir. Davis Lawrence
      (2006) The Paradise Package "Simon", Fortune Theatre, dir. Geraldine Brophy
      (2005) Democracy "Helmut Schmidt", Circa Theatre, dir. Ross Jolly
      (2003) An Unseasonal Fall of Snow "Arthur", Maidment Theatre, dir. Heath Jones
      (2003) Boris Gudunov "Alosha", Aotea Centre and St James Theatre, dir. Matthew Richardson
      (2003) Tosca "Agent", Aotea Centre and St James Theatre
      (2002) Crumpy "Various", Herald Theatre, dir. Terri De'Ath
      (2002) The Real Thing "Henry", Circa Theatre, dir. Susan Wilson
      (1999) Kiwifruits "Fay", The Court Theatre, dir. David McPhail
      (1998) Julius Caesar "Cinna", SkyCity Theatre, dir. Raymond Hawthorne
      (1997) Antony and Cleopatra "Antony", The Court Theatre, dir. Elric Hooper

    • Alistair has appeared in a number of short movies, including The Adventures of Spectacular Man (2005), Us (2005), Kill Peter (2004) and One Man's Meat (1990).

    • Alistair's involvement in the TV show Xena helped to further his film career. He was one of three Hercules/Xena alumni in the movie Futile Attraction, and when the movie was in danger of folding in production due to lack of funds, the director Mark Prebble wrote to a number of Xena fansites, including Whoosh!, and asked the show's fans to contribute. Mark credits their overwhelmingly generous response for the movie being finished and released in 2004.

    • Alistair's favorite co-stars are Elijah Wood from The Lord of the Rings and Tom Conti from Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence. But he says that he really wishes Bill Paxton, Minnie Driver, Robin Williams, Sandra Bullock, and Paul Verhoeven would stop making movies, because he finds them overrated.

    • Alistair had a bit of a fright on his first day filming The Return of the King. He was supposed to mount a horse while a large group of riders were galloping straight at him, but his horse kept moving and not allowing him to mount.

    • In 1996, Alistair won "Best Director" for the Hysteria Critics Award for his work as a theatre director.

    • Alistair has appeared professionally in over seventy different stage productions since the early '80s. He has played roles ranging from McHeath in The Three Penny Opera, to Henry VIII in A Man for All Seasons, to Beast in Beauty and the Beast.

    • In 2006, Alistair won "Best Supporting Actor" for Futile Attraction at the Micro Cinema Festival in Chicago.

    • Alistair took up meditation during the filming of the movie Rain. He thinks this really helps him, because it makes the time between shoots fly by, and keeps him focused yet relaxed.

    • When asked what role in movie history he'd most like to play, Alistair answered Sam Spade.

    • Alistair's favorite black-and-white movie is Casablanca. But when asked what DVD he would take with him on a desert island, he replied The Wrong Trousers, or preferably all of the Wallace and Gromit series.

    • In 2001, Alistair won "Best Supporting Actor" for the movie Rain at the New Zealand Screen Awards.

    • Alistair has done numerous commercials in New Zealand, including those for Kellogs, Vision Senior Living Systems, and State Insurance.

    • Alistair is 5'11", with dark blond hair and blue eyes.

    • Alistair won "Best Actor" four times at the New Zealand Critics Awards. In 1995, for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, in 1993 for Angels in America, in 1984 for Bent, and in 1980 for Hamlet.

    • Alistair is represented professionally by the firm Johnson & Laird Management.

  • Quotes

    • Alistair: (when asked what his career highlight has been) [The movie] Rain, without a doubt. Loved doing Lord of the Rings, but the subtlety and intimacy of Rain suited me to a T.

    • Alistair: (when asked what type of role he'd like to play in a movie) I've played villains, victims and heroes, I've been nude, rude and refined, but only in theatre and TV have I played comedy.