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Alix Talton

Alix Talton

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Alix Tolton
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    I am writing a personal "review". Alix Talton was a very nice person who befriended me when I was a child. Her father, whom we called "Tal", moved to my small hometown of Greensboro, Alabama, and she would come to visit him. My parents owned and operated the best restaurant in town, where her father would eat many meals. That's where I met this glamorous "movie star". She was beautiful. She may not have made any great movies, but she was very nice to my parents and me, and all the people of Greensboro. She would send me postcards from Paris, etc. It made me feel really good. I think the biggest movie she ever made was "Romonoff and Juliette", in which she played the mother of Romonoff. I lost touch with her a long time ago, and was sorry to learn she died of lung cancer. I do remember her smoking. She was married to George Cahan, a producer, I believe. When I grew up, I became a professional pianist and singer (also a nurse), and have travelled the world, performing. I think Alix helped me believe I could do anything I wanted. She was also a "Southern Girl", and did become famous to a modest extent. I still have a beautiful signed publicity photo of her, and the postcards, in a scrapbook. I just wanted to write a little tribute to this actress who made a young girl feel very special by being able to call her a Friend.

    Bonnie Williams, Pianist/Vocalist/Artistmoreless