Allan Houston

Allan Houston


4/20/1971, Louisville Kentucky

Birth Name

Allan Wade Houston


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    • Houston: Miami probably was the single moment that stands out. Those are the moments you dream about, and I was fortunate to have it happen to me.

    • Houston: The fans of New York were unbelievable, ... I want to thank the fans for not only supporting me, but challenging me.

    • Houston: I always said that I would be back and told the fans that I would be back, and I always truly in my heart believed that, ... But sometimes your will, your passion, your competitiveness, kind of override what your body is going through, and I was strictly running off of those emotions and that will.

    • Houston: Over the last two years, I have done everything I could possibly do to get back on the court, but injuries to my knee would not allow me to do it.

    • Houston: Going at this intensity is new, so I'm going to have to just continue to adjust.

    • Houston: I feel that it is in the best interests of my family and the franchise that I move on.

    • Houston: They've been really respectful and cooperative... I think the trainers have been good about how we're doing this and everyone's been communicating. At the same time, I don't want to be disruptive, either, to Coach (Larry Brown) and to Isiah and to the team. I want to make sure I'm doing whatever I can and my body's making the right progress.

    • Houston: I don't have to come back, but I really want to. I really want to play and I believe God wants me to. And that's the one thing I've been very adamant about saying. It's been hard.

    • Houston: God has overwhelmed me with blessings, and I am led to share them with others.

    • Houston: I did everything I possibly could to get back and finish my career the way I would have liked to. My injuries just wouldn't let me do it.

    • Houston: At the same time I don't want to be disruptive either... I want to make sure I'm doing whatever I can and my body is making the right progress.

    • Houston: I'm not going to retire... I believe in my heart that I'm going to be back. It would be nice to play two more years here and get close to winning a championship.

    • Houston: It was always my dream to finish here.

    • Houston: What I will say is the retirement thing is something I've been laughing at, you should be laughing at, everybody should be laughing at, ... It is kind of frustrating. As much as I've communicated to everyone that I'm not going to retire, it's like people still don't know. I'm not going to retire. I'm still going to play.

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