Allen Alvarado





2/19/1996 , Park Ridge, Illinois

Birth Name

Allen Alvardo




Allen has a knack for overachieving. At the ripe age of four, he decided that he wanted to be an actor. His goal was to be the sidekick of Conan O’Brian on his nightly show. After this realization, Allen began to audition for commercials in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois, and landed a national spot for Ballpark Franks. Since then, he has appeared in a number of national commercials.

Allen got his first glimpse of a movie set when he appeared in "On The Line" with Lance Bass and Joey Fatone from NSync. In Chicago, he has also appeared in the Goodman Theater’s presentation of "A Christmas Carol", in which he shined as Tiny Tim. FLIGHT 29 DOWN marks Allen’s national television debut.

In his free time, Allen enjoys playing his video games and guitar. He has aspirations of adding musician to his resume as well remaining a force in the acting world. He is also learning to prefect his game of poker.
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