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  • Allen good friend

    well i remember Allen always being very good in school. me and Allen used to go to elementary school together and we were very good friends. well i have watched everything he has been in. i have watched all the episodes of Flight 29 Down and all his commercials and he is doing good for himself and i hope he gets better at his acting.i have been very supportive of my old friend and so far i am glad of his skills and i hope he gets better and i would very much wish to see him again cause i miss the good times
  • Allen Alvarado is one of the best child actors I have come across.

    Allen Alvarado is one of the best child actors I have ever come across. I have seen a lot of actors in movies and shows. Allen could show up a lot of grown men and women. He did very well in the series "Flight 29 Down" and I would be glad to see him in more shows and movies. I have also seen some of the commercials he is in. He does very well in those as well. He does very well for someone his age. When I watch A show with him in it, he always goes above and beyond expectations.
  • The kid is adorable. I wish i could meet him. He seems like such a sweetheart. He is sooo cute

    I love this kid. He is adorable. I am one year older and like him am sorta busy. He seems like such a sweetheart from what I have heard about him. I have looked at almost every website I could possibly find that has stuff about sweet little Allen. This one and are by far the best. I wish I could meet him. If you haven't seen his show Flight 29 Down on discobery kids, you are totally missing out on a lot. He is the younger brother of Daley Marin. He is Lex Marin an intelligent young boy. All of my friends ask me 'What's so great bout him? He's twelve.' I just tell them he is a cute, sweet, little kid just like me. He is soooo cute. lovelovelove -L-
  • Too be so young he has plenty of talent.

    Most know him from Flight 29 Down for being a genius named Lex. His character amazes me. I wonder in real life does he under stand even half the stuff his character be saying. He's like 8 or 9 years old and is a little cutie. I heard he did some things on er so he has done some thing before his role of Lex. I hope he doesn't end up a child star. He deserves the very best. Too bad that the show is ending pretty soon. Actually it is over but there is a movie that has to be showed.
  • the kid is adorable.

    He plays Lex in Flight 29 Down as Daley\'s little brother and I really wish that he was my little brother he\'s so adorable. I don\'t really know much about him but I think for being so young and having a big part like that so early in life, he could go far.