Allen Covert

Allen Covert


10/13/1964, Palm Beach County, Florida, USA

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Allen has been long time friends with Adam Sandler, which should come as no surprise to Sandler fans as Allen has appeared in over 12 of Adam's movies. Allen frequently writes for Adam. Allen took many villain or antagonistic roles such as the nerdy journalist in Mr Deeds(2002),…more


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    • (On opening for Adam Sandler in 1996)
      Allen Covert: Not only was it nerve-wracking standing up in front of 15,000 fans who didn't know who I was, but I get stage fright, very badly. I would pace back and forth behind the curtains going 'Oh g-d, oh g-d, I hope they like me' and the man working the curtain would literally say back to me 'they're gonna love you, you're going to kill them'.

    • (On working with Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson)
      Allen Covert: Well, you know we write what we know. And our main focus is always jokes, making it as funny as possible. Anger Management, so funny. And Nicholson is so funny this time, pure funny pure comedy. And he really cares, like he would call us everyday and say 'I was reading the script again and I was thinking of this…'

    • Allen Covert (reference to the Wedding Singer): I was a walking ad for the 80s. I had shoulder pads, sleeveless shirts, mesh, parachute pants, pinkie rings, earrings -- any crazy thing anyone ever saw in the 80s, they gave to me!

    • Allen: I wanted to learn more about the actual religion so I could honestly say that I'm Jewish, I was supposed to have had my bar mitzvah in the fall of 2004, but had to stop my studies due to some filming commitments so everything was put on hold for a year, but I plan on picking up the pieces and eventually being called to the bimah— especially after bumping into my Cantor and Hebrew teacher at the premiere of The Longest Yard. They gave me a guilt trip of 'what happened to the Hebrew lessons?'

    • Allen (reference to 8 Crazy Nights): I remember attending my cousin's daughter's bat mitzvah and having the kids come up to me and being so appreciative and thanking me for making this film