Allen Garfield





11/22/1939 , Newark, New Jersey

Birth Name

Allen Goorwitz




Allen Garfield, born November 22, 1939 in Newark, New Jersey was an actor of note as well as a minor boxer. He performed in several movies during his acting career, most notable; Beverly Hills Cop 2, Dick Tracy, Desert Bloom and The Majestic. Prior to his induction into acting, he was a reporter that covered the sports pages for The Newark Star Ledger and was a Golden Gloves boxer. He went on to study the art of acting in New York at the Actors Studio. As with most actors, he tried his talents onstage before shifting towards film. He performed in well over a hundred television programs and movies. His typical roles are bad business men, politicians and other villains. Allen's given name was Allan Goorwitz, he attempted to revert his stage name to his birth name in the middle of his career. The switch was not well received, and he decided to keep up his stage name.