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  • He can score more points than Carmelo Anthony, but I think Melo beats him like heck when it comes to passing the ball!

    Well.. now since Allen Iverson was traded to the Denver Nuggets, he has Carmelo Anthony to work with! Pass the ball!

    Well, it isn't that he is necessarily a ball hog, like, you know, Kobe Bryant.. I mean, he can have his nights were he'll be the top assist man in the game, but then there will be times when all of his teammates' assists go to AI. Get me?

    Well with Carmelo Anthony, you should have someone to pass it to. Carmelo Anthony just wins for me assistwise, but that may just be me.

    But other than that, Allen Iverson is an amazing player. I remember that one game against the Lakers. He had 49 points going into the fourth quarter. Then, eight minutes went by, and he still hadn't scored in the period! Then, finally, when I stop watching the game, he scored the basket. Of course! It;s just my luck.. the Denver Nuggets unfortunately lost that game, but I forgot the score.

    Sorry if I am boring the readers of this review, but I am from Texas. I mostly keep up with the players and teams from Texas, including the Dallas Mavericks, San Antonio Spurs, and Houston Rockets, for the National Basketball Association.

    Final words, AI is an amazing player.
  • My favorite NBA player.

    Allen Iverson is one of my favorite NBA players. His shot is awesome. He average almost 30 points per game. This star will go very far. He makes a lot of points and assists a game. This well known superstar is one I will never forget. Keep up the great work.
  • Love The Honesty

    He has never changed since coming into the game that is something that anyone can admire! Not that trying to be a little to gangster can get out of hand or anything but it almost always seems to. When he was fined for missing that game even though he wasn\'t playing it, I personally thought that it was a little crazy. Then he was fined for missing practice, now to me that seems absolutely crazy. Now I understand completely everyone has this idea in thier mind that a championship team has to go through the movie style trials like in \"Remember the Titans\" where they all become as one. Let\'s be a little more realistic now, he is a grown man it could be he doesn\'t even like anyone on his team. They being any type of professional athlete is in it for the money, they have to feed thier families just like anyone else. I hope nothing but the best for Iverson and hope he continues his winning ways.
  • A player that puts his heart where it belongs.

    Allen Iverson, along with Kobe Bryant, is those types of players who you either love or hate. I personally love the guy. At first glance, when listening to his stories in the media, he's a thug that doesn't care about anything. But after seeing USA forcefully swallow down the fact they won a mere Bronze medal in 2004 in Athens, Allen Iverson was the only one who accepted it. While he is a professional basketball player, and one of the best in the business, he grew up loving football, and will always think of it as the best sport ever. During his first season in 96, he was immediately posting up incredible numbers, including breaking Wilt Chamberlain's record for most 40 point performances in a row done by a rookie. Though as a kid, Iverson dreamed of playing against Michael Jordan, and when he had the chance, he crossed him over, where the entire stadium erupted. However, Jordan disliked Iverson, and if Jordan doesn't like Iverson, America doesn't either.

    While Iverson was impressive, his team wasn't. Larry Brown was brought in, and it wasn't long before a feud would explode between the two. The relationship between Brown and Iverson was rather shaky for a couple seasons, but later down the road, in 01, the relationship started healing between them. Iverson even won the MVP trophy when the East posted one of the most amazing come backs in the 3rd quarter, edging out the dominant West by a single point. Iverson even asked for his coach to come up with him and help him accept the trophy. During the playoffs, the Sixers faced many trials, like meeting Reggie Miller in the first round, overcoming Vince Carter's vertical in the second round, and outscoring the prolific shooter 3 point shooter Ray Allen. While they did lose in the finals against the Los Angeles Lakers, who powered their way by sweeping every single team in the West--and it was against elite teams, like the Blazers, Kings, and Spurs--the Sixers stole game one right in the heart of Los Angeles. Later, the franchise went backwards from then on, but Iverson continued to play with his heart, winning the scoring title in 05.

    While Iverson is known as a bigger ballhog than even Kobe Bryant, the teams he was with weren't exactly great, which is much thanks to Larry Brown, who got rid of every Sixer when he came in except for Iverson. Despite his team lacking, Iverson's arsenal was always to be feared. He could cross you up, cause you to fall, maybe even twice (Antonio Daniels), or he could light you up. While his dunking abilities all withered away due to age, his speed hasn't let up, and has inspired many young basketball players to replicate the way he plays. And when he does have good teammates that'll finish their shots, Iverson is a terrific passer. During game 7 in one of the most exciting series ever against Vince Carter, Iverson posted a career high 16 assists. Though the thing you have to love the most about him is his heart. His will to win games is just amazing. Being compared to Nate Archibald, Iverson has received many injuries during his career because of his ability to slash into the basket, but he didn't let injuries get in his way of consistently stringing together several great seasons in a row. Iverson may never win a ring as a Sixer, but there's no denying his greatness.
  • Another Great NBA Player

    Allen Iverson is a great NBA Player. He is one of the most known and can shoot as much points as he can. I mean, look at him, he averaged 28.0 points in his whole career. He's just great. He gets lots of double-doubles, usually with points and assists. This legend is one that I definetely will not forget.
  • He's an NBA Star.

    Allen Iverson is one of the greatest NBA Stars tha ever lived. He's smaller than most players and thats why he is able to do some things that they are not. He can cross over anyone. In one of his first NBA appearances he crossed over Michael Jordan. He can drive to the basket and fit in little spaces and do all sorts of circus shots. His jumper isn't his best atributes put he can shot the baskeball. He averages more points than anyone has ever had. He has more shot attempts than anyone in the NBA. He is just an amazing player.