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Alley Mills

Alley Mills


5/9/1951, Chicago, Illinois, USA

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Allison Mills
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Alley Mills is probably well remembered as Norma Arnold on the TV series "The Wonder Years" that ran from 1988-1993, she currently plays Pamela Douglas on The Bold and the Beautiful. She resides in Los Angeles with her husband actor Orson Bean and often working with him and…more


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    • Alley: (on finding her husband later in life) I met him when I was 40. Up until then, i had what I thought was just bad luck with men. But I began to think, "Who's picking these guys? Oh--I am." I decided to change what I was drawn to.

    • Alley: (on being cast as a '60s-era housewife in The Wonder Years) I'd never been married, much less had kids, so I thought, "How are they ever going to cast me as this typical mother?" When I got the role, I was completely shocked.

    • Alley: (on being typecast as a "happy homemaker") I was 41 when I got married for the first time, so I was never a homebody, Martha Stewart type. But once you do something that visible, people definitely think of you in that way.

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